Gola Classics just went Vegan!

You have been asking and Gola has been listening!

With the rise of veganism as a lifestyle choice and with many of you querying which of our styles are vegan-friendly, Gola is proud to announce the launch of its Gola Classics Vegan range.

But is it really Vegan?

“How can Gola verify that it’s vegan?” we hear you ask. Well, each and every style in the Vegan range has undergone rigorous Ve-MAP chemical testing. Ve-MAP is a new, unique DNA-based testing procedure within the Chem-MAP® family. The testing process identifies any trace of animal DNA from chemicals within our footwear and the manufacturing process. This includes:

  • Chemicals used in the fabrics
  • Other materials such as the sole
  • Dyes
  • Adhesives
  • Finishing components

High risk chemicals are tested to confirm that there is no trace of any animal-derived products, therefore providing authenticity of their animal-free composition.

Don’t just take our word for it: the Gola Classics Vegan range has also been registered by the Vegan Society, the oldest vegan organisation in the world. Founded in 1944 the Vegan Society is a world leader in its field and Gola has partnered with them to give customers additional reassurances.

The collection boasts style!

We have styles for women, men and your mini-me’s! Our range includes the ladies’ Coaster in various styles: Classic, Rainbow, Hi-Tops and Mirror, while we also have our very popular Mark Cox style in a range of colours. A pair of trainers with your dress is undoubtedly one of the chicest and breeziest style combinations this season.

Trainers with a skirt or dress will not only add a dash of nonchalance to your look, but will provide the ease of movement you desire when zipping around town. If you love anything shiny, then you will fall for Coaster Mirror. If you prefer a hi-top, then Coaster High in black or in off white will be a great addition to your shoe-drobe. Our most popular lines are Coaster Rainbow with the rainbow stripes down the side, as well as Tennis Mark Cox in a selection of colours, re: dark green, deep red, Indian teal, vintage blue and blossom.

Our men’s collection includes Comet and Comet Canvas, as well as Tennis Mark Cox and Varsity. If you’re on the lookout for some super convenient footwear that will easily go with your jeans or shorts, it’s only natural to look for a pair of Gola Classics Vegan that will best suit your style. Both Varsity and Comet come in a variety of colour combinations: from navy & powder blue, to deep red & white, there’s a style to suit your needs.

For your mini-me, you can choose between Coaster Rainbow, Coaster Rainbow Velcro and Coaster Velcro. Colourful, easy to put on and off and as comfortable as all Gola styles, they’ll be very much enjoyed by your little ones.

Trend alert: midi skirts and trainers

Spring is finally here and we can’t wait to swap our coats for jackets and embrace the shift in weather. As the temperature starts to rise, new trends are introduced for spring. A key trend we’ve seen fashion influencers sporting is the combination of midi skirts with trainers.

How to style midi skirts and trainers

Getting your proportions right is the key to nailing this trend. The benefit of choosing a midi skirt over a maxi is the shorter length, which shows part of your leg to lengthen the silhouette and help you appear taller (especially good if you are on the shorter side).

Take a look at how to style all types of midi skirt below:

Pretty Pleats

With a slightly more formal feel, pleated skirts can add elegance to an outfit. When styling this type of skirt you have to think carefully about the balance to ensure you don’t look too formal or over-dressed. Juxtaposing smart with casual pieces will ensure you achieve a stylish look, consider throwing on a denim jacket and T-shirt with your skirt to successfully do this. For trainers, opt for some retro-inspired kicks like the new Gola Toronto. A slight pop of colour gives a nostalgic feel to this design, whilst the main white upper allows easy styling.

pleated skirt trainers gola

Flared Affair

The beauty of a flared skirt is it’s generally fit to be a little more forgiving than some of our other silhouettes mentioned. The layered construction offers movement when you walk, plus if it’s in a light and floaty fabric it will prove an effortless item with good wearability. You can pair a flared skirt with a vest for warmer days, simply throwing on a jacket if the weather doesn’t suit. When styling up this look, you can’t wrong with a staple pair of all-white trainers. A clean, white sneaker will provide the basis to build your look upon.

Bold Prints

If you are looking to make a statement with your daytime attire then a bold print skirt could be just the thing you’re looking for. Embrace clashing colours and prints, the wilder the better. A standout skirt can reflect the personality of its wearer, channelling confidence in your fashion choices. Pair this with an equally stylish pair of trainers, look for a pair which have colour to mimic some of the tones of the skirt to ensure cohesiveness in your look. A textured pair such as the Tennis Mark Cox trainers can add further dimension and tie an outfit together.

Classic Mermaid

The ‘mermaid’ skirt emphasises your natural curves to offer a flattering fit. The shape of this skirt follows the body’s natural lines to enhance curves, finishing with a flare at the bottom. This style can be particularly complementary for curvy shapes, as it draws you in at the waist but still shows off your hips. With such a girly aesthetic, we recommend levelling your outfit out with a sporty pair of trainers. The Grandslam trainers are the ideal choice for this, especially easy to style in all-white.

Pastel Ballerina

For more drama, go full Instagram inspiration with an all pastel look with full ballerina skirt. Featuring a layered mesh composition, this look channels Carrie Bradshaw vibes for the modish fashionista. Stick to similar tones to avoid overwhelming this look, pale pinks work perfectly. For trainers, try the Gola Bullet. The Bullet offers a slimmer silhouette which, when worn in a pastel hue, lends itself well to a feminine aesthetic.

ballerina skirt trainers gola
Image: Dallas Market

Satin Casual

Plenty of bloggers have been working this trend, pairing a satin skirt with a pair of trainers. This achieves a balance of smart and casual that works well. Retro trainers complement a satin skirt, juxtaposing trends to achieve a modern look. The Daytona and Badminton work perfectly to balance out skirts of this style. Add a puffa jacket to get an instagram-worthy outfit.

Browse the perfect trainers to wear with any midi skirt with our women’s trainers.

The most successful colours in football

If you looked at a list of the most successful Premier League football clubs, we’re sure the same team names would crop up again and again. Some of the top teams may put their success down to skill, effort and strategy but are there any more factors at play?

With an impressive sporting legacy and links to the world of football since the production of its first pair of football boots in the 1930s, Gola wanted to find out whether colours of kits impacted on success. The study looked at the colours worn by all premier league teams for every game and used this to see whether any team strip proved luckier or more effective at producing a win in the Premier League.


Gola gathered data on all of the home and away games played since the beginning of the Premier League in 1992 and cross referenced this against the colours worn in each game to see if there was any correlation between colours worn and outcome of the match. Data up to the 17/18 season was used as the current season hasn’t yet ended (and we wouldn’t want to tempt fate by assuming the winners just yet).

This study included the different colours worn for both home and away games. Where a shirt had multiple colours present, Gola based the colour choice on the majority hue. The number of games each colour was worn in was analysed and this was used to work out the numbers of wins, losses and draws to calculate win and loss rate overall.

most successful football colours graph


To work out the win rate, the total number of games each colour was worn for was taken and used to calculate the percentage of wins and losses compared to games played. Not only was red worn for the most number of games that won, it also had the highest win rate of all colours. Considering Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal frequently wear red, it may not be much of a surprise to fans that the hue fared so well. So, if you want to increase your odds, it might be time to consider adopting red for your home team.

In second place was claret, which when worn for games won 40.1% of the time (not bad odds at all). Claret is a regular colour worn by top league teams West Ham and Aston Villa. Blue came third with a win rate of 39.2%, a colour popular amongst Birmingham, Brighton and Everton. Other colours that fared well were gold, black and white, all achieving over 35% of wins when worn.

Green was the unluckiest colour for wins, achieving only 21.3% of wins overall, this has been worn in away games previously for Aston Villa, West Brom and Liverpool (alongside other teams). Unfortunately for clubs opting for less popular colours, such as Watford and Blackpool,orange and yellow didn’t get good results and won less than 29% of the time.

ALLWinsDrawsLossesPointsWin RateLoss RateTotal Games
Sky Blue609404870222332.30%46.20%1883


Green performed worst on losses as well, losing over half of all games played. Could it be that the colour matches the pitch a bit too much and makes it harder to see your teammates?

Orange and sky blue also had a high number of losses, losing over 45% of the time. The loss rate is surprising considering some of the top clubs frequently wear sky blue.

Wearing pink proved to win 25% of the time and lose 25% of the time (the rest being draws). It may not be the best guarantee to win, but it’s certainly not the worst colour to wear overall.


When looking at draws, white was the colour most likely to produce a draw. Of 4,156 games played with a team wearing white, 1,105 resulted in a draw. It may not be the best sign to wear white for a vital game where a win is needed, if your team does you may not want to hold out too much hope. Red and blue also produced high numbers of draws.

As a percentage of all games, the less common colours proved more likely to result in a draw. Purple, green and turquoise all had a draw rate of over 28%, more than any other team. It shows going for unusual hues may not be the best strategy for your club.


When based on points, red was the colour which came out on top. This, combined with the percentage of wins relative to games played, means red is the one to back if your team want to up the chances of a win. Quintessentially British colours showed to have luck on their side, as the top three highest winning colours were red,white and blue.

Pink was the colour that achieved the lowest number of points in the Premier League, worn only a handful of times and having more chance of resulting in a draw than a win.

Colour of choice

White was the most popular colour of choice, being the option chosen in 4,156 out of 20,490 games up to 2018. Whilst popular, this hasn’t ensured it produced the most wins, so some teams may want to rethink their away strips for next season.

The key trends of the 1970s

The 1970s was a decade to be remembered in history. Not only revered for its introduction of technological advancements, the decade also paved the way for a new era of fashion and music trends which would go on to inspire and mould the creative outputs we see today.

The ‘70s was not only a key time in history but also a turning point when Gola became a household name, following the release of our flagship Harrier shoe in 1968. With such significant events occurring during this time, we take a look back through the 1970s to remember the best music, technology, hairstyles and fashion.

Groovy Music

beatles record

The 1970s was all about experimentation with music. We saw greater diversity forming with the new wave of anarchic punk witnessed from the Sex Pistols alongside the juxtaposing upbeat development of funk and soul from legends like Aretha Franklin. The disco anthems of the Bee Gees provided some of the greatest hits of the ‘70s, with hits such as ‘Stayin’ Alive’, ‘Night Fever’ and ‘How Deep Is Your Love?’ all being released in the decade.

Musical icon David Bowie changed the way we experienced music with his evolving style and intriguing personas adding more dimension to his music, in particular the Thin White Duke became a key persona for the ‘70s era. Bowie’s songs proved to stand the test of time and are still enjoyed today, showing the longevity of his influence and the power of his talent.

Fleetwood Mac released their internationally acclaimed album ‘Rumours’ in 1977, which brought to the mainstream hits; ‘Go Your Own Way’, ‘Dreams’ and ‘The Chain’. Perhaps one of the most celebrated of all time and certainly one of the best-selling, the album documented the widely speculated relationship issues of the bands own members. ‘Rumours’ took the tribulations of Fleetwood Mac themselves and channelled it into a best-selling album which still stands up against chart music released today.

Legendary band ABBA formed in Stockholm in 1972 and would go on to win Eurovision in 1974, a feat which would help propel them to fame of astronomical levels. ABBA enjoyed a string of hits through the ‘70s, including renowned singles ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘Money, Money, Money’. Not just inspiring in music, ABBA went on to influence films and stage, with their catalogue of songs turned into a movie and show ‘Mamma Mia’.

New Technology

polaroid camera

Technology may have advanced in leaps and bounds over the years but it wasn’t that long ago we were all listening to tape cassettes and marvelling at the capabilities of a Pocketronic calculator. The Polaroid camera was created a few decades before the 1970s but saw a surge in popularity during this decade, as it allowed users to efficiently print their snaps in minutes and take with them on the go.

Entertainment advanced further with electronic game consoles being a must-have in many family homes. The Atari was a favourite pastime for ‘70s kids, who spent many a weekend trying to beat their high score on Pong.

The TV had already become an essential home item by the 1970s but the invention of the Videocassette Recorder made it all the more desirable to consumers, giving families the option to record their favourite shows and play them back at a later date. VHS tapes were released in the early ‘70s to allow storage of TV recordings, revolutionising the way we consumed television and ensuring quality television shows were never missed.

The home computer also took off in the ‘70s, with the Apple II becoming one of the first commercially successful PCs to be released. Created by technical geniuses Steve Jobs and Jerry Manock, the Apple II offered something new to the average household and took a different approach to competitors who were targeting the professional market at the time. Jobs ensured the Apple II design featured a plastic outer casing to be more appealing to the average person, concealing the wires and mechanics inside and being a more aesthetically pleasing computer to have at home.

Bold Fashion

70s fashion

In the recurring cycle of fashion 1970s trends have returned in new iterations, but back in the day these trends were revolutionary and new to the experimental fashion consumer. Western themed clothes came to the forefront of design, as tan suede adorned many jackets, waistcoats and trousers. Fringing also became a huge trend of the decade, with jackets and skirts taking on the style in an abundance.

Menswear saw collars and cuffs go oversized, with accommodating flared trousers to suit. Colour matching suits and shirts were not popular during this time, as bold hues such as purples and blues were clashed with lime greens and oranges for a vibrant result.

For women, there were many trends on offer to provide a versatile choice of style. The ‘hippy’ movement inspired earth tones in both clothing and footwear, with maxi dresses and peasant blouses becoming more popular in pretty embroidered designs.

Shirts were colourful, with no shying away from clashing prints or textures with your outfits. Tie-dye was a popular DIY method of creating colourful prints on T-shirts. Button-down shirts also offered busy patterns and prints with psychedelic designs becoming popular to result in statement looks.

The influence of disco music and the new wave of rock and pop encouraged more fashion-forward observers to don jumpsuits on nights, not complete without sky-high platform heels to match. There was an androgyny to the stage outfits of artists such as David Bowie that birthed a new way to dress for the masses.

In sportswear, Tennis was the sport that influenced casual wear for men and women. Polo shirts became a staple silhouette to many wardrobes, often being paired with adhering tennis trainers in bright white hues. Tracksuits also grew to become everyday attire toward the end of the 1970s, as the beginnings of what we know as athleisure today developed.

Big Hair

retro hairstyle

Hairstyles became bigger and wilder during the 1970s, as people looked for a new look to suit the changing times. Jane Fonda became a style icon, influencing women everywhere to go for the ‘Shag’ style and cut more layers into their hair and add a fringe to match. Women’s hair in general was looser and less styled, reflecting the free-spirited nature of the time.

Men’s hair also got less structured as more guys embraced a natural look and grew their hair long. Beards and mustaches also became more popular during this time, perhaps inspired by the top musicians of the time.

Think you know all about the 1970s? Take our retro quiz and see if you recognise the faces and items.

Roy of the Rovers returns with Gola sponsor

The beloved comic strip, which documented the trials and triumphs of the Melchester Rovers returns this year for a series of new stories and their star player Roy Race has signed an exclusive deal with Gola to celebrate this.

Roy of the Rovers proved to be one of the most popular comics upon its original release, tapping into the broad interest in football at the time. What made the stories feel all the more authentic and believable was the tie-in to real life events. Roy was even shown playing for England, alongside actual players from that year. This ran alongside the current football schedule.


Loved by Football Fans

Published in 1954, the comic first appeared in Tiger and ran as a standalone comic book from 1976 to 1995. In 1981 the star of the Melchester Rovers Roy Race received his first sponsorship by Gola. The sportswear heritage of the Gola brand made for the perfect partnership and the team’s kit received a Gola design revamp, featuring the signature red and yellow of the Melchester Rovers with the classic Gola logo on the shirt.

It is only fitting that now the comic has returned for 2018/2019 as a reboot, Gola becomes the sponsor of Roy Race and the Melchester Rovers once again. You will be able to spot Roy wearing a pair of Gola football boots in the pages of Roy of the Rovers, as he has signed an exclusive deal for the new Gola Ativo 5 Gamma VX football boots. The football boot is set to be released later in 2019 by Gola.

Roy Race will be sporting the Gola football boots for the first time on the cover of ‘Roy of the Rovers: Teamwork’ by Tom Palmer (illustrated fiction, published 7 February 2019).

harvey jacobson roy race of the rovers

In the comic book, Roy will be seen shaking the hand of Gola Chairman Harvey Jacobson on the pitch at Mel Park. This scene can be found in ‘Roy of the Rovers: Foul Play’ by Rob Williams and Ben Willsher (graphic novel, published 7 March 2019).

In the new series, a commemorative comic has also been created featuring the present day players of football clubs:  Newport County, Oldham Athletic, Barnet and Gillingham. This reflects the style of the older Roy of the Rovers comics, as the story ties into real football teams and players now.

roy race roy of the rovers

The partnership reinforces Gola’s reputation as an esteemed football brand and offers nostalgic content for our original customers of the 1980s whilst providing entertainment for a whole new generation of Roy of the Rovers readers.

Whether a young or old fan of Roy of the Rovers, keep your eyes peeled for the new release of the Gola Ativo 5 Gamma VX Football Boots in 2019.

SS19 Trainers arrive at Gola

New season trainers have landed at Gola and we can’t wait to show you the latest styles to shop. Read our guide to SS19 at Gola below.

gola harrier santorini white men's

Men’s Santorini/White Harrier Trainers

Classic Silhouettes

The Harrier is always a highlight of the season and SS19 promises newness from our flagship sneaker. Besides the classic navy/ white and red/white options, bolder colour pairings are available like the bright blue santorini/white trainers.

Montreal camouflage men's trainers gola

Men’s Camouflage Montreal Trainers

Camo Print

Camouflage is a trend that will ensure you certainly don’t blend into the background and this season sees some of our favourite trainers get a rework in the print. The Monarch gets a new camouflage upper design whilst still keeping its recognisable thick front sole.

A more sporty version of the trend is the updated Montreal sneaker, which is constructed with a camouflage upper and completed with a rainbow design and a contrasting white sole.

women's orchid blush pink shimmer

Women’s Velcro Orchid Trainers

Velcro Fasten

Not just a trend for kids trainers, the velcro trainer is making a comeback. Ridiculously efficient for getting your kicks on in a hurry, our women’s and men’s velcro trainers offer quicker fastening than their lace-up counterparts.

Our Orchid trainers in shimmer combine the velcro trend with pastel hues to give you the perfect sneaker of the season. Available in both blush pink and off white shimmer, the Orchid velcro provides form and function in one. Similarly, the Eclipse velcro takes ‘Dad trainers’ and velcro straps to combine them to offer something different and new to update your collection.

women's eclipse dad trainers gola

Women’s Eclipse Trainers

Dad Trainers

You might not have pinned your parent as a style icon this season but 2019 is set to be all about the ‘Dad’ trainer. Think of the colourful trainers your father would wear on a ‘90s seaside holiday (perhaps even with matching bomber jacket) and your inspiration is there.

The Gola Toronto takes on this trend perfectly, offering a white trainer with accent colours as well as a dark blue option with contrasting detail. The brightness of both Toronto designs instantly draws attention and ensures the trainers are not to be missed when wearing. The Gola Eclipse additionally epitomises retro cool with use of colourful design and a thicker sole, giving a nod to ‘90s athleisure.

gola quota ii liberty print

Women’s Quota II Liberty PJ Trainers

Liberty Print

Gola’s collaboration with Liberty Arts continues with new trainer designs created using the renowned brand’s fabric prints. The Quota II is reimagined with a blush petal upper print, perfect for spring, while the Liberty Bullet offers a pretty blue pattern to suit darker shades.

gola cadet thick bumper trainers

Women’s Navy Cadet Trainers

Bumper Soles

The Cadet sees a new style of trainer for Gola, featuring a thick bumper sole which not only provides added resilience but also makes a statement in the style stakes. The Cadet comes in both dark shades and pastels and is a sneaker you can easily pair with an array of casual clothing on a daily basis.

women's coaster cheetah print pink gola

Women’s Cheetah Print Coaster

Animal Print

Animal prints return this season in lighter hues to adhere to the spring/summer aesthetic. The Gola Classics cheetah print Coaster comes in two covetable white gold and rose options, offering a subtler take on the loud print that can easily adapt to more casual styling.

rainbow coaster women's red gola

Women’s Rainbow Coaster

Rainbow Pattern

Rainbow trainer designs have become a popular feature for some key Gola styles over the past few seasons and this SS19 we have expanded the selection so you can enjoy more variations of this colourful trend.

The Coaster now comes in additional colours which offer a contrasting pop against the rainbow design. The Orchid rainbow also comes in glitter versions in black and white if you prefer more monochrome in your collection.

tennis mark cox yellow velvet trainers

Women’s Tennis Mark Cox Trainers

Sunshine Yellow

It’s only fitting our spring/summer collection would include a bit of sunshine, we’re just hoping the British weather matches up accordingly. Our popular Coaster gets an update in yellow, offering the perfect bright backdrop to its fun rainbow design.

The Tennis Mark Cox  also takes on the happy hue, with a velvet iteration of the trend. The classic sport trainer includes a towel textured inside as a nod to it’s tennis roots, which additionally provides sumptuous comfort when wearing.

gola kelly cord backpack

Microcord Kelly Backpack

Essential Backpacks

Whether storing your school books or carrying essentials on the daily commute, our Gola Backpacks have the storage you need with supporting straps. The Kelly rucksack takes on the cord trend in both pastel pink and black for a textured style, whilst the Harlow goes for block colour in classic fabrics for a more classic design. Also available is the Harlow mini, which comes in pink and purple velvet options and is cute and charming in aesthetic.

gola classics red micro redford bag

Red Micro Redford

Micro Redford

The iconic Redford bag gets a space saving update with the Micro Redford. Perfect for styling with your colourful festival looks, the Micro Redford is small enough to carry round all day yet efficient in storing your essentials and features an internal zipped pocket for extra security. Super stylish, this small handbag comes in a range of bright colours and cool metallics to suit any look.

Remembering the 1970s: can you recognise these retro items and faces?

At Gola we have a lot to celebrate from the 1970s. It was the time our flagship trainer the Harrier became the sneaker of choice for men’s and women’s footwear collections, having been launched in 1968. The ’70s saw Gola grow to be one of the most popular sportswear brands, known for not only it’s trainers but also iconic bags such as the Redford. The fashion trends of the decade became a great inspiration to Gola and still influences designs this day.
Although the 1970s wasn’t so long ago much has changed in terms of habits and trends, particularly from the advancement of technology and the impact this has had on the home. We thought it would be fun to put our readers to the test and see which of these items and musicians you can recognise from the 1970s.
You can take our quiz below and be sure to fill out the form at the end to enter our competition and get your score.


By taking our 15 question quiz you could win two pairs of trainers of your choice from Gola. All you need to do is complete the quiz (wrong answers still count as entry) and fill in your email address, age and name to be considered. T&C’s below.

Terms & Conditions
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Sparkle 24/7 with Gola + Swarovski Crystals

Calling all women…add some sparkle to your festive casual ensembles with our special edition Gola Swarovski collection featuring crystals! Two of our flagship ladies’ styles, ‘Bullet’ and ‘Coaster’ have been glamorously enhanced to ensure you can sparkle 24/7 this Christmas.
Gola Classics Bullet Swarovski black white

The Gola wingflash is upgraded on the ‘Bullet’ trainer by the beautiful application of crystals.  Whilst the ‘Coaster’ pump has a crystallised toe cap to give a striking finish to this popular Gola women’s silhouette!  Gola Bullet is available in black or off white or opt for the dazzling Gola Coaster in white or black.

Gola Classics Coaster Swarovski black white

Take style inspiration from our influencer girlfriends that have styled these Gola Classics sneakers.

Gola Classics Swarovski Instagram

The Trendiest Styles Of AW18 – Men’s

For AW18 Gola men’s once again delivers a collection of truly inspiring footwear that reflects back to its decade-long heritage. Along with some of the timeless classics, this season sees a selection of new and updated silhouettes that take AW18’s biggest trends to a new level. Mixing classic with modern, the trainers are given a lift with imaginative fabrics and details that add a contemporary twist whilst still maintaining a sleek, classic look

The recent hype around functional outerwear has reflected in a new direction in footwear, seen in some of Gola’s new season trainer styles. Inspired by outdoor and camping activities, the theme puts a new spin on urban footwear with influences from trekking and climbing gear. The silhouettes are clean and contemporary, accented by hardware details and pops of bright colours. A perfect interpretation of the trend is the Men’s Lowland Millerian designed for the return of the Gola Classics x British Millerian collaboration.  This silhouette has been reworked in British Millerian fabrics including an olive waxed canvas and a water resisting suede toe facing and counter, perfectly suitable for the sophisticated urban commuter. More of the utilitarian vibe can be seen on the popular Men’s Montreal Camo trainer, the Harrier Millerian or Men’s Monarch in Camo/Gum.

gola classics men's lowland trainer millerain gola harrier khaki millerain sneakergola classics monarch camo print gum sole sneakergola montreal rainbow camo print sneaker

Not to miss one of Gola’s long-time fabric favourites – the suede. Its luxurious texture remains highly popular for the AW18 season and also taps into the outdoor adventure trend. Gola has developed a palette of new deep earthy colours incorporated into some of the best-selling styles in suede. If you are thinking about Harrier, you’re probably not wrong, but we’d like to turn your attention to some of the new additions to Gola Classic’s trainer collection: the Men’s Tourist and Men’s Inca trainers. If you like a modern court sport style and a truly heritage feel, then look no further. Tourist sports a cognac suede upper and a subtle punched wingflash to the side. Available in a classic black and deep cognac, this timeless silhouette will keep your urban look on point. Introduced for AW18, Men’s Inca Suede adds an edge to the collection with its active, street-ready look. Featuring a gum sole unit and a nylon tongue, Inca Suede can be found in a navy, khaki or ash colour options.

gola classics men's tourist trainer cognac

gola classics men's inca sneaker millerain khaki

Speaking of nylons, AW18’s catwalks are a proof that technical nylons, and especially those which have a hard-wearing feel, have moved from a functional use to a design highlight.

The lightweight fabric is featured on casual every-day footwear and is accented by splashes of contrasting tones to complement the utilitarian trend. Updated for the season, the Gola Men’s Flyer, originally developed in 1975, sees this retro trainer in light nylon and suede upper, and a contrasting wingflash. The style is available in three colour options as seen below.

gola classics men's black white flyer sneakergola classics navy flyer sneakergola classics light grey flyer red stripe

Stay tuned for the trendiest women’s styles from Gola’s AW18.

A Sneak Peek At New Season

gola men's and women's aw18 model shot

We don’t like to admit it, but it is edging closer and closer to colder and darker days (nooo!) most of us haven’t even been on a summer holiday yet, but in the world of fashion AW18 has begun.

Here we have some of the new in collection that you can wear now and later in the year, call them the ultimate transitional trainers if you will….

gola harrier men's and ladies aw18 colours

The classic Harrier has been updated for AW18 in new seasonal colours. Harrier is one of our most popular styles and dates back to the 1960s and the transformation of the style has been minimal, just slight updates to keep the silhouette modern. For AW18 the Harrier is in deeper earthier tones which are so on trend this AW! Pair these with anything in your wardrobe, but for true style a pair of classic jeans and a white tee – what could be more classic!

gola classics inca white trainers

New for AW18 the leather gola classics montreal grey men's

Montreal got a seasonal update for AW18 in on trend velvet! This style looks great paired with jeans but if you are brave enough to keep baring your legs into Autumn wear with a midi tea dress to add a sporty edge to your look. The velvet colours are opulent and bold, so you will stand out for all the right reasons

gola classics trainer navy white sole

The leather Trainer silhouette is here to stay, proving to be a popular style we have updated in new AW18 colours. Trainer is simple and stylish, with a tonal wingflash, it is minimalistic and low key. Wear the darker colours with jeans for dress down Friday for ultimate day to night smart trainers

The Classics

gola classics lifestyle product shot

gola bullet pink trainer lifestyle product shot

gola navy suede bullet lifestyle shot

Fashion trends are all well and good, but what you really want is a classic in your wardrobe. That one item you can go back to again and again and know you will feel and look amazing – your trusty pair of trainers!

At the moment the trend is chunky (and pretty ugly) trainers, where you need to either have legs as long as time to pull them off or style to rival an A-Lister. For the rest of us it is a strange trend, and here at Gola we are all about the classics, the styles you can keep forever and never get bored of, so here are some of our favourite Gola Classics styles that will be your wardrobe staple for a long long time.

Women’s Bullet

The Bullet was originally launched in 1976 and was originally designed as a running shoe for athletes, over the years the trainer has become more of a fashion trainer and has had numerous updates to ensure it is both comfortable and durable. The simple sleek likes of the Bullet means you can pair with both summer dresses or jeans, and the colour options mean you really have something for every outfit. Our favourite is the classic Black/White Bullet.

Women’s Coaster

The women’s coaster is a vulcanised sole plimsoll, the style is popular as it literally goes wit anything! The Coaster was re-introduced into the Gola Classics collection in SS17 and became a best seller, the Coaster Rainbow is one of our most popular Coaster designs – so much so we sell out on a regular basis! Make sure you keep your eye out for the next drop in September – get them before they go!

Men’s Harrier

The Harrier, the most popular men’s Gola Classics style is seen on an array of celebrities like Noel Gallagher to comedian Al Murray. Originally created in 1968 the Harrier was created for athletes to train in, now like the previously mentioned Bullet, it has been updated for a modern trainer lover. Available in an array of colours you can find a pair to suit any mood.

Men’s Coaster

The men’s Coaster is a vulcanised sole plimsoll (like the women’s) and comes with rubber or gum soles, the classic simple style is key to its longstanding success and can be worn in winter with our leather styles and summer with the canvas. Why not buy a pair now, you won’t regret it.

Take a look at the Coaster Neon collection

women's gola coaster neon pink trainers model

When fashion trends talk, we listen. This season bright, bold colours are the talk of the fashion town and we have three women’s Gola trainers that are ticking all the boxes for this trend.

The Gola Classics women’s Coaster Neon collection celebrates colour. The simple silhouette of the women’s Coaster trainer is a perfect canvas for the bright colours, making each style the statement of your outfit. The three colourways are Neon Coral, a bold Coral colour which paired with a pair of white jeans and a denim shirt would make a summer statement. The Coaster Neon Yellow is a highlighter yellow colourway, team this with dark denim to really make your shoes stand out. The Coaster Neon Pastel Pink is the last colourway, this style is girly and vibrant and can be paired with a summer dress or jeans.

gola neon coaster trainers women's

gola coaster neon yellow trainers women's

gola neon pastel pink coaster

The women’s Gola Classics Coaster trainer was first introduced into the Gola collection in the 70’s and has since become a firm favourite, the style has a vulcanised sole and canvas upper creating a trainer that is versatile and comfortable.