Why are white trainers so popular?

With their chic yet versatile style, white trainers are wardrobe staples – and we all have at least one pair of them in our shoedrobe.

This versatile footwear style is worn by millions of people worldwide, regardless of age, gender or demographic. It is timeless, reliable and regularly considered one of the best shoe styles on the market. So, what makes white trainers so popular? 

Here, we explore why white trainers are among the first footwear choices on people’s buy lists, including why white trainers are the perfect way to upgrade your outfits and how to style them to suit any occasion.

A pair of white trainers are modelled on their side, soles facing eachother. They feature thick white soles with dash detailing, and Gola's logo sits along the wingflash in a chic mustard colour, stylishly contrasting against the white trainer. The background that the trainers are set against is hot pink with dark green and teal detailing in the corners.

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  3. Do white trainers go with everything?
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Why are white trainers so popular?

White trainers are cool, chic and easy to style, making them a popular go-to footwear for men and women worldwide. 

One of the most prominent reasons people love white trainers is that they add instant style and a fresh aesthetic to any outfit. They offer a crisp, clean look and are considered a classic. 

A classic white Gola plimsoll high-top, pictured from the side. It has white fabric uppers and a thick sole, with off-white tones contrasting against the white laces. Gola's logo sits along the wingflash with black lettering, standing out stylishly.

Gola Classics Women’s Coaster High Trainers

Moreover, a huge selection of white trainer styles is always available, making it easy to choose a pair to suit your taste. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight canvas shoe, a slip-on style or smart leather trainers with a chunky sole, you’ll find simple yet stylish designs that are always in fashion and ideal for a capsule wardrobe. 

At Gola, we stock a fantastic selection of white trainers for men and women. So, whether you’re searching for the perfect white trainers to tie your outfits together or a comfortable pair for running errands, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect style in our collection. 

A men's varsity trainer, white with contrasting black detailing and wingflashes. Gola's logo is white and is contrasting against the black wingflash on which it sits.

Vegan Gola Classics Men’s Varsity Trainers

Can white trainers be worn in any season?

It is a common misconception that white trainers can only be worn during the warmer months, but you certainly can embrace the white trainer trend all year round. 

Whilst canvas trainers are more appropriate for spring/summer, as they keep your feet cooler, white leather trainers offer a more sturdy footwear option that is better suited to autumn/winter. They can be paired with your tights, leggings or jeans so that you can try plenty of outfit combinations. Try a layered look by wearing knitwear over your favourite T-shirts and tops for a cosy, practical look.

Do white trainers go with everything?

White trainers can pretty much go with anything! From simple block colours to boldly patterned fabrics, they can blend in or contrast with all colour palettes to create coordinated outfits that look put together. 

They can also be paired with smart and casual clothing, so you can wear them for various occasions. If you’re attending an event and want to stay comfortable, your white trainers can be dressed up with a floaty midi dress or skirt in bright colours or floral patterns to make your outfit pop. 

A women's grand slam chunky trainer by Gola. Its base is white, however it features off-white wingflashes and grey fabric detailing around the eyelaces and back of the shoe. The back upper, logo on the tongue and wingflash, and bottom sole is a contrasting light teal green. This shoe is recycled.

Gola Classics Women’s Grandslam ’88 Trainers

White trainers can also be dressed to create a more laid-back look, ideal for running errands or other daytime tasks. Style them with comfortable jeans or leggings with an oversized T-shirt or sweater for the ultimate casual look. You can also experiment with accessories to put your own twist on your daytime outfits. 

At Gola, we host a stunning selection of classic trainer styles, from those that contrast Gola’s heritage styling with contemporary fashion to popular vegan designs for every occasion. Many of our white trainers also feature coloured wingflashes or contrasting soles, perfect for adding a bright dash of colour to your outfits. 

Gola women's daytona trainer. It features a white background however various patchwork colours throughout, including peach fabric backs and fronts, which frame the mesh toe area. The wingflash is black, and Gola's logo contrasts in it with its peachy colouring. The shoe's sole is red, as it the detailing on the shoes back upper and logo on the tongue.

Gola Classics Women’s Daytona Trainers

Comfortable white trainers at Gola

A high-quality pair of white trainers will never go out of style if you wear them well. They are wonderfully versatile and can be adapted to suit the latest trends. If you don’t have a pair in your wardrobe, this is your sign to treat yourself to your next fashion staple.

You can also wear white trainers during any season, as their neutral tones will complement everything from muted shades such as grey and beige to bright, bold colours, including yellow, pink and green. This means you can experiment with colour without worrying whether your shoes match your outfit.

Many forgo wearing white shoes because they believe they will get dirty easily. However, if you clean your shoes regularly and care for them properly you can maintain that box fresh look. Using high-quality shoe care products suitable for the material of your trainers will allow you to provide them with long-lasting protection.

Browse our range of white trainers

White trainers are timeless, versatile and easy to style, so there’s no reason not to try them. Whether you pair them with denim, trousers or joggers, you can create plenty of on-trend looks.

Check out Gola’s full range of white trainers for men, women and kids and explore our most popular styles and colours. From casual sports trainers to smart fashion styles, our premium collection has options for every taste. 

Looking for more footwear styles to enhance your outfits? Discover our new in range and embrace the most popular trainer styles at Gola today. 

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