Top 4 Tips On How To Wear White Trainers For Women

Gola Classics women's Eclipse Trident Trainers

White trainers are the perfect addition and building block for any woman’s capsule wardrobe. 

Incredibly wearable and versatile, there isn’t an outfit you can’t style a pair of classic white trainers with, whatever the season or event. However, if you’re new to wearing white trainers, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start when pairing them with an outfit.

In this guide, we’re offering our top tips on how to style yours, from how to wear them differently across the seasons to the minor details that can’t be overlooked, such as the best socks to wear them with.

Read on to discover how to wear white trainers for women and get ready to step out in style with Gola!

Table of contents: 

How to style white trainers for women

  1. How to style white trainers with dresses and skirts
  2. How to style white trainers with shorts for summer
  3. How to style white trainers with jeans
  4. How to style white trainers with leggings

Do you have to wear white socks with white trainers?

How to style white trainers for women

White trainers for women are such a popular choice because they are classic and timeless. A shoe staple transcending trends, they are perfectly appropriate for any age group and can be styled in various ways with many outfits. 

If you’re looking to invest in a single pair of trainers to complement your wardrobe, you may want to think about which style of trainer would be the most practical for you before you even think about styling them with your outfits. For example, if you’re always on the go, a pair of white leather trainers may be the most suitable as they’re easy to keep clean. 

To make the best choice, start by assessing your wardrobe to see whether a high-top or a traditional low-cut sneaker would be the best choice for your personal style, whether you’d prefer a patterned or plain look and which material or finish will work most practically in your capsule wardrobe.

Then, you can start styling your looks for the season ahead, using your white trainers as a central hero piece.

1 How to style white trainers with dresses and skirts 

Trainers are an increasingly popular pairing to dresses and skirts and can help to make a look that may otherwise be formal take on a much more casual feel. 

A light day dress in summer looks perfect when paired with white trainers and other accessories, such as a denim jacket, another essential summer wardrobe staple. Finish with an oversized shoulder bag and some jewellery for the ideal outfit for hitting the shops or meeting friends for coffee. Our Gola Classics Women’s Grandslam Leather Trainers style perfectly with summer dresses adding a cool edge to your completed ensemble. 

women's Grandslam white leather trainers

However, it’s not only summer that allows you to pair your white trainers with dresses and skirts. When the weather starts to change, a longer-length dress or skirt can look just as chic. Simply swap out the denim jacket for a leather one and choose a stylish long-sleeved T-shirt or cosy knit to pair with your skirt or layer over your dress to complete the look. A cosy scarf helps you to add that perfect finishing touch. 

Or, if you want to wear a mini or midi-length skirt or dress in the colder months, simply layer a long coat or cardigan over your outfit. 

2 How to style white trainers with shorts for summer

If there were ever a shoe built for summer styling, it would be white trainers. Not only do they complement a whole host of dress and skirt lengths, but they also look exceptional when styled with shorts. 

Shorts and white trainers are an essential pairing, whether you’re heading abroad or simply planning to enjoy the sun at home .

If you prefer plain shorts such as a classic blue denim pair or a tailored style, choose a patterned T-shirt to add another level to your look. Or, if you prefer timeless style, a Breton T-shirt can look particularly chic. 

Complete the look with some classic Gola Strap Trainers in white. You could even base your outfit colours around the wingflash colour or pattern featured on your trainer. 

Vegan Gola Classics Womens Coaster Strap

Vegan Gola Classics Women’s Coaster Strap

3 How to style white trainers with jeans

Irrespective of the season, white trainers and jeans are a match made in heaven. 

White trainers go with any shade of denim, so whether you prefer skinny black jeans or flared ripped blue denim, you’re guaranteed style points with this look. 

If you work in a modern office, a pair of fitted jeans styled with a classic button-down shirt can look smart without appearing overly formal. Layering an oversized knit jumper over your shirt in the cooler months will offer added style points. Our Gola Classics Women’s Tennis Mark Cox Trainers are the classic pick we’d recommend to nail this look. Suit pants look just as effective styled in this way for the days when you want a break from your jeans. 

Similarly, a T-shirt paired with skinny jeans and white trainers provides a perfectly chic summer outfit, which you can layer a blazer over once that autumn breeze takes hold. 

If you’re trying on the oversized or flared jeans trend, white trainers can be a great choice and prevent you from falling and tripping like you could if you pair the look with heels or boots. If you’re small in height, choose a trainer with extra height to its sole to balance out the width of the look, such as our Vegan Gola Classics Women’s Coaster Peak High Trainers and reserve them exclusively for your flared-jean days. 

Vegan Gola Classics Womens Coaster Peak High Trainers

Although white trainers work with any jeans type, consider the length of your jeans against the ankle height of your trainers to ensure a winning look. For example, if you’re wearing cuffed boyfriend jeans, high-tops work well, whereas low-tops could create the illusion of a shortened figure if too much of the ankle can be seen. Denim jean shorts, however, pair with all trainer types and heights. 

4 How to wear trainers with leather-look leggings

Both leather and faux-leather leggings are popular choices for day dressing and evenings out, and luckily, white trainers can look just as stylish when paired with them as they do anything else in your wardrobe. 

Taking an otherwise formal look and making it more wearable and casual when paired with your white trainers, your leather-look leggings will look as stylish at work as when browsing the shops with friends. 

For occasions that require it, opt for a more formal top if you’re swapping out heels for white trainers. However, for stylish off-duty days, pair your leggings with a fitted T-shirt and an oversized cardigan or button-down to add a casual feel to your look. Why not choose our Gola Classics Women’s Eclipse Trident Trainers for a fashion-forward finish?

Gola Classics women's Eclipse Trident Trainers

Do you have to wear white socks with white trainers?

So, now you know how to style your most popular wardrobe pieces with your white trainers; it’s important to get your socks right so as not to take attention away from your look. And while you might think that white socks are the best pairing to your new favourite shoes, this isn’t necessary. 

Irrespective of trainer style, most pair three main types of socks with their trainers. These are no show socks, perfect for low tops and plimsolls when you want to give the illusion of no socks at all, ankle socks that finish just about the ankle, and regular crew socks that finish part way up the calf. 

The style of socks and the colour you choose ultimately depends on personal preference. For example, if you want to make a statement with your socks, ankle or crew socks in bright or patterned designs might be the best choice for you, whereas no-show socks or ankle socks in classic colours are more suitable if you’re going for a smart or classic look.

White crew socks can look great with sportier styles or running trainers, especially when paired with athleisure and loungewear looks.

Explore our women’s white trainers at Gola

Now you know what to wear with white trainers, ladies; it’s time to shop for the perfect pair to fit your personal style! 

Whether you prefer heritage styles to curate a classic aesthetic or trainers that are bang on trend, we offer various styles at Gola. Shop the collection today, including our stylish vegan options.

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