Top 4 Tips On How To Wear White Trainers For Women

Gola Classics women's Eclipse Trident Trainers

White trainers are the perfect addition and building block for any woman’s capsule wardrobe. 

Incredibly wearable and versatile, there isn’t an outfit you can’t style a pair of classic white trainers with, whatever the season or event. However, if you’re new to wearing white trainers, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start when pairing them with an outfit.

In this guide, we’re offering our top tips on how to style yours, from how to wear them differently across the seasons to the minor details that can’t be overlooked, such as the best socks to wear them with.

Read on to discover how to wear white trainers for women and get ready to step out in style with Gola!

Table of contents: 

How to style white trainers for women

  1. How to style white trainers with dresses and skirts
  2. How to style white trainers with shorts for summer
  3. How to style white trainers with jeans
  4. How to style white trainers with leggings

Do you have to wear white socks with white trainers?

How to style white trainers for women

White trainers for women are such a popular choice because they are classic and timeless. A shoe staple transcending trends, they are perfectly appropriate for any age group and can be styled in various ways with many outfits. 

If you’re looking to invest in a single pair of trainers to complement your wardrobe, you may want to think about which style of trainer would be the most practical for you before you even think about styling them with your outfits. For example, if you’re always on the go, a pair of white leather trainers may be the most suitable as they’re easy to keep clean. 

To make the best choice, start by assessing your wardrobe to see whether a high-top or a traditional low-cut sneaker would be the best choice for your personal style, whether you’d prefer a patterned or plain look and which material or finish will work most practically in your capsule wardrobe.

Then, you can start styling your looks for the season ahead, using your white trainers as a central hero piece.

1 How to style white trainers with dresses and skirts 

Trainers are an increasingly popular pairing to dresses and skirts and can help to make a look that may otherwise be formal take on a much more casual feel. 

A light day dress in summer looks perfect when paired with white trainers and other accessories, such as a denim jacket, another essential summer wardrobe staple. Finish with an oversized shoulder bag and some jewellery for the ideal outfit for hitting the shops or meeting friends for coffee. Our Gola Classics Women’s Grandslam Leather Trainers style perfectly with summer dresses adding a cool edge to your completed ensemble. 

women's Grandslam white leather trainers

However, it’s not only summer that allows you to pair your white trainers with dresses and skirts. When the weather starts to change, a longer-length dress or skirt can look just as chic. Simply swap out the denim jacket for a leather one and choose a stylish long-sleeved T-shirt or cosy knit to pair with your skirt or layer over your dress to complete the look. A cosy scarf helps you to add that perfect finishing touch. 

Or, if you want to wear a mini or midi-length skirt or dress in the colder months, simply layer a long coat or cardigan over your outfit. 

2 How to style white trainers with shorts for summer

If there were ever a shoe built for summer styling, it would be white trainers. Not only do they complement a whole host of dress and skirt lengths, but they also look exceptional when styled with shorts. 

Shorts and white trainers are an essential pairing, whether you’re heading abroad or simply planning to enjoy the sun at home .

If you prefer plain shorts such as a classic blue denim pair or a tailored style, choose a patterned T-shirt to add another level to your look. Or, if you prefer timeless style, a Breton T-shirt can look particularly chic. 

Complete the look with some classic Gola Strap Trainers in white. You could even base your outfit colours around the wingflash colour or pattern featured on your trainer. 

Vegan Gola Classics Womens Coaster Strap

Vegan Gola Classics Women’s Coaster Strap

3 How to style white trainers with jeans

Irrespective of the season, white trainers and jeans are a match made in heaven. 

White trainers go with any shade of denim, so whether you prefer skinny black jeans or flared ripped blue denim, you’re guaranteed style points with this look. 

If you work in a modern office, a pair of fitted jeans styled with a classic button-down shirt can look smart without appearing overly formal. Layering an oversized knit jumper over your shirt in the cooler months will offer added style points. Our Gola Classics Women’s Tennis Mark Cox Trainers are the classic pick we’d recommend to nail this look. Suit pants look just as effective styled in this way for the days when you want a break from your jeans. 

Similarly, a T-shirt paired with skinny jeans and white trainers provides a perfectly chic summer outfit, which you can layer a blazer over once that autumn breeze takes hold. 

If you’re trying on the oversized or flared jeans trend, white trainers can be a great choice and prevent you from falling and tripping like you could if you pair the look with heels or boots. If you’re small in height, choose a trainer with extra height to its sole to balance out the width of the look, such as our Vegan Gola Classics Women’s Coaster Peak High Trainers and reserve them exclusively for your flared-jean days. 

Vegan Gola Classics Womens Coaster Peak High Trainers

Although white trainers work with any jeans type, consider the length of your jeans against the ankle height of your trainers to ensure a winning look. For example, if you’re wearing cuffed boyfriend jeans, high-tops work well, whereas low-tops could create the illusion of a shortened figure if too much of the ankle can be seen. Denim jean shorts, however, pair with all trainer types and heights. 

4 How to wear trainers with leather-look leggings

Both leather and faux-leather leggings are popular choices for day dressing and evenings out, and luckily, white trainers can look just as stylish when paired with them as they do anything else in your wardrobe. 

Taking an otherwise formal look and making it more wearable and casual when paired with your white trainers, your leather-look leggings will look as stylish at work as when browsing the shops with friends. 

For occasions that require it, opt for a more formal top if you’re swapping out heels for white trainers. However, for stylish off-duty days, pair your leggings with a fitted T-shirt and an oversized cardigan or button-down to add a casual feel to your look. Why not choose our Gola Classics Women’s Eclipse Trident Trainers for a fashion-forward finish?

Gola Classics women's Eclipse Trident Trainers

Do you have to wear white socks with white trainers?

So, now you know how to style your most popular wardrobe pieces with your white trainers; it’s important to get your socks right so as not to take attention away from your look. And while you might think that white socks are the best pairing to your new favourite shoes, this isn’t necessary. 

Irrespective of trainer style, most pair three main types of socks with their trainers. These are no show socks, perfect for low tops and plimsolls when you want to give the illusion of no socks at all, ankle socks that finish just about the ankle, and regular crew socks that finish part way up the calf. 

The style of socks and the colour you choose ultimately depends on personal preference. For example, if you want to make a statement with your socks, ankle or crew socks in bright or patterned designs might be the best choice for you, whereas no-show socks or ankle socks in classic colours are more suitable if you’re going for a smart or classic look.

White crew socks can look great with sportier styles or running trainers, especially when paired with athleisure and loungewear looks.

Explore our women’s white trainers at Gola

Now you know what to wear with white trainers, ladies; it’s time to shop for the perfect pair to fit your personal style! 

Whether you prefer heritage styles to curate a classic aesthetic or trainers that are bang on trend, we offer various styles at Gola. Shop the collection today, including our stylish vegan options.

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A Men’s Style Guide On How To Wear White Trainers

vegan Gola Classics men's Varsity trainers

White trainers are the perfect choice if there’s only room for one pair of trainers in your wardrobe. Classic and versatile, they provide many dressing options and can add a sophisticated, sharp finish and an approachable edge to even the most formal looks.

Whilst black and brown trainers are often seen as a more formal choice, and patterned designs are a loud focal point that helps to show off your personality, white trainers are timeless and wearable, whatever the occasion! But what clothes go with white shoes?

In this guide, we’re offering our top tips on wearing white trainers for men, so when you invest in a pair, you’ll have an abundance of go-to dressing options. We’ve even considered what colour socks to wear with white trainers to ensure that even the smallest details don’t affect your desired aesthetic.

Table of contents: 

What to wear with white trainers

  1. Chinos
  2. Shorts
  3. A Suit
  4. Jeans
  5. Sportswear

What colour socks go with white trainers

What to wear with white trainers

Have you ever wondered what to wear with white trainers? Today, men’s fashion editorials are filled with stylish outfits that are rounded off with a classic pair of white trainers; the good news is, they pretty much go with anything. 

Whether you’re looking to add a casual finish to a formal suit or want some trainers to pair with your chinos for the office, white trainers are an ideal option. The key to nailing the look is to choose a minimalist style and to keep your trainers immaculately clean, wear after wear. 

Here are our top five ways to style your white trainers:

1 Chinos 

Chinos are a popular style piece in most modern men’s wardrobes. They’re also great for off-duty days and office wear, when dress trousers may seem too formal.

When pairing chinos with white trainers, the styling possibilities are endless. For the best looks, choose chinos that naturally taper towards the ankle and come in neutral shades such as navy, black or grey. Your trainers should be minimalist, so choose a style like our Gola Classic Men’s Grandslam Leather Trainers for a chic, crisp finish.

Gola Classics Men's Grandslam Leather Trainers

If you want a smart, modern look for the office, style your chinos and white trainers with a button-down shirt and a light sweatshirt, or for a smart off-duty look, a tailored polo shirt can be just as stylish. 

Or, opt for a long or short sleeve T-shirt in a plain colour, put together with your chinos and your white trainers and complete the look with a stylish accessory, such as a wristwatch, to add some sophistication to your otherwise smart casual look. 

2 Shorts

If you’re looking for a way to carry your style into the summer season, it’s fine to pair your white trainers with shorts. 

Keep it simple by choosing neutral shorts and pairing them with a basic T-shirt in a classic shade or a light-knit polo to add a smarter finish to your outfit. 

For best results, opt for chino-style shorts that sit just above the knee, and pair them with white canvas trainers, such as our Vegan Gola Classics Men’s Comet Plimsoll Trainers and no-show socks. 

Want to add a jacket to your look? Choose a casual suede bomber or a relaxed, open button-down shirt for ultimate style points.

3 A suit 

A style once reserved for the most daring of dressers, pairing a suit with white trainers is becoming a more popular option for even the most sophisticated gentlemen. However, some style codes relating to fit and how you tie the look together need to be met for this look to work.

First, your suit of choice should be tailored to fit you flawlessly. Much like the chinos example, trousers slightly tapered towards the hem are a great style choice. Then when finishing the look, choose a casual T-shirt or Breton striped top to prevent your outfit from becoming too formal or stuffy. 

This style choice works best with a shirt in a neutral shade and when things are kept casual. A good quality fitted T-shirt or a stylish, lightweight wool jumper can provide a perfect finishing touch. 

vegan Gola Classics men's Varsity trainers

Our Vegan Gola Classics Men’s Varsity Trainers are just the ticket to pulling off this look. Pair with a navy suit to accentuate the trainer’s classic detailing. 

4 Jeans

Every man’s wardrobe usually contains an assortment of jeans in various fits and shades, and the good news is that white trainers go well with them all! Whether classic, distressed or ripped, curating many looks around this perfect pairing is easy. 

When choosing a matching top, be as classic or casual as you like. Basics such as hoodies or bomber jackets can look great, creating an essential off-duty outfit that wouldn’t look out of place in a coffee shop or at the football. Or, if you love skinny jeans, why not roll the hem to show a little ankle and finish your outfit with a fitted T-shirt in a single shade?

men's Harrier Elite trainers

Our Gola Made in England – 1905 Men’s Harrier Elite Trainers wouldn’t be out of place here. Cut from the finest leather to a classic silhouette, they’re a timeless design that pairs perfectly with various jean styles – just be mindful of colour transfer from your jeans to their off-white, buttery leather. 

5 Sportswear 

Athleisure, or the trend of wearing sports clothes for fashion, has become increasingly popular in recent years and is another great way to wear white trainers. Whether running errands or travelling, adding stylish white trainers to your outfit can transform your loungewear into a premium look.

To curate this style effectively, choose fitted joggers that taper downwards into a cuff or hem that wraps around the ankle. Go for looser layers on top, such as a relaxed polo shirt or a T-shirt in an oversized cut for balance. 

Gola Classics Men’s Hawk Leather Trainers offer heritage styling and evoke a vintage Varsity-style aesthetic, making them the perfect pairing to this laidback look.

Gola classics men's hawk trainers

What colour socks go with white trainers?

The sock colour that works best with your white trainers largely depends on your outfit, so it’s not always as simple as pairing white socks and shoes. Alongside the colour, you might also want to consider the length and style of socks you choose.

When choosing a colour, consider your outfit carefully. Do you want your socks to be a statement part of your outfit, or do you want them to blend seamlessly into the background? White trainers go with any colour, so in this case, the colour of your outfit will be the determining factor.

With a suit, unless your socks are loud on purpose, choose a neutral colour that pairs well with your suit trousers, such as grey or black with a grey suit, or navy with a navy. Whereas with shorts, unless you’re trying to make a statement, ankle or no-show socks are the best choice for keeping your outfit stylish and classic. Mid-calf socks are also ideal for sportier looks or layering under jeans. 

Classic black socks in a mid-calf length go with most outfits and allow your trainers to take centre stage without drawing attention away from them.

For a fun and playful twist, why not use colourful striped socks to bridge the gap between your white trainers and jeans for a statement finish?

Shop men’s white trainers at Gola for timeless dressing 

Now you know how to style white trainers seamlessly, why not shop for your perfect pair at Gola? From plimsolls to our Heritage styles, you’ll surely find your missing wardrobe piece when you shop the collection today, including vegan styles. 

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Why are white trainers so popular?

With their chic yet versatile style, white trainers are wardrobe staples – and we all have at least one pair of them in our shoedrobe.

This versatile footwear style is worn by millions of people worldwide, regardless of age, gender or demographic. It is timeless, reliable and regularly considered one of the best shoe styles on the market. So, what makes white trainers so popular? 

Here, we explore why white trainers are among the first footwear choices on people’s buy lists, including why white trainers are the perfect way to upgrade your outfits and how to style them to suit any occasion.

A pair of white trainers are modelled on their side, soles facing eachother. They feature thick white soles with dash detailing, and Gola's logo sits along the wingflash in a chic mustard colour, stylishly contrasting against the white trainer. The background that the trainers are set against is hot pink with dark green and teal detailing in the corners.

Table of Contents

  1. Why are white trainers so popular?
  2. Can white trainers be worn in any season?
  3. Do white trainers go with everything?
  4. Shop comfortable white trainers at Gola

Why are white trainers so popular?

White trainers are cool, chic and easy to style, making them a popular go-to footwear for men and women worldwide. 

One of the most prominent reasons people love white trainers is that they add instant style and a fresh aesthetic to any outfit. They offer a crisp, clean look and are considered a classic. 

A classic white Gola plimsoll high-top, pictured from the side. It has white fabric uppers and a thick sole, with off-white tones contrasting against the white laces. Gola's logo sits along the wingflash with black lettering, standing out stylishly.

Gola Classics Women’s Coaster High Trainers

Moreover, a huge selection of white trainer styles is always available, making it easy to choose a pair to suit your taste. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight canvas shoe, a slip-on style or smart leather trainers with a chunky sole, you’ll find simple yet stylish designs that are always in fashion and ideal for a capsule wardrobe. 

At Gola, we stock a fantastic selection of white trainers for men and women. So, whether you’re searching for the perfect white trainers to tie your outfits together or a comfortable pair for running errands, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect style in our collection. 

A men's varsity trainer, white with contrasting black detailing and wingflashes. Gola's logo is white and is contrasting against the black wingflash on which it sits.

Vegan Gola Classics Men’s Varsity Trainers

Can white trainers be worn in any season?

It is a common misconception that white trainers can only be worn during the warmer months, but you certainly can embrace the white trainer trend all year round. 

Whilst canvas trainers are more appropriate for spring/summer, as they keep your feet cooler, white leather trainers offer a more sturdy footwear option that is better suited to autumn/winter. They can be paired with your tights, leggings or jeans so that you can try plenty of outfit combinations. Try a layered look by wearing knitwear over your favourite T-shirts and tops for a cosy, practical look.

Do white trainers go with everything?

White trainers can pretty much go with anything! From simple block colours to boldly patterned fabrics, they can blend in or contrast with all colour palettes to create coordinated outfits that look put together. 

They can also be paired with smart and casual clothing, so you can wear them for various occasions. If you’re attending an event and want to stay comfortable, your white trainers can be dressed up with a floaty midi dress or skirt in bright colours or floral patterns to make your outfit pop. 

A women's grand slam chunky trainer by Gola. Its base is white, however it features off-white wingflashes and grey fabric detailing around the eyelaces and back of the shoe. The back upper, logo on the tongue and wingflash, and bottom sole is a contrasting light teal green. This shoe is recycled.

Gola Classics Women’s Grandslam ’88 Trainers

White trainers can also be dressed to create a more laid-back look, ideal for running errands or other daytime tasks. Style them with comfortable jeans or leggings with an oversized T-shirt or sweater for the ultimate casual look. You can also experiment with accessories to put your own twist on your daytime outfits. 

At Gola, we host a stunning selection of classic trainer styles, from those that contrast Gola’s heritage styling with contemporary fashion to popular vegan designs for every occasion. Many of our white trainers also feature coloured wingflashes or contrasting soles, perfect for adding a bright dash of colour to your outfits. 

Gola women's daytona trainer. It features a white background however various patchwork colours throughout, including peach fabric backs and fronts, which frame the mesh toe area. The wingflash is black, and Gola's logo contrasts in it with its peachy colouring. The shoe's sole is red, as it the detailing on the shoes back upper and logo on the tongue.

Gola Classics Women’s Daytona Trainers

Comfortable white trainers at Gola

A high-quality pair of white trainers will never go out of style if you wear them well. They are wonderfully versatile and can be adapted to suit the latest trends. If you don’t have a pair in your wardrobe, this is your sign to treat yourself to your next fashion staple.

You can also wear white trainers during any season, as their neutral tones will complement everything from muted shades such as grey and beige to bright, bold colours, including yellow, pink and green. This means you can experiment with colour without worrying whether your shoes match your outfit.

Many forgo wearing white shoes because they believe they will get dirty easily. However, if you clean your shoes regularly and care for them properly you can maintain that box fresh look. Using high-quality shoe care products suitable for the material of your trainers will allow you to provide them with long-lasting protection.

Browse our range of white trainers

White trainers are timeless, versatile and easy to style, so there’s no reason not to try them. Whether you pair them with denim, trousers or joggers, you can create plenty of on-trend looks.

Check out Gola’s full range of white trainers for men, women and kids and explore our most popular styles and colours. From casual sports trainers to smart fashion styles, our premium collection has options for every taste. 

Looking for more footwear styles to enhance your outfits? Discover our new in range and embrace the most popular trainer styles at Gola today. 

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How to wear high-top trainers

High-top trainers are one of the most popular trainer styles on the market. They are comfortable, versatile and can be worn all year round – all you need to do is adapt your outfit!

However, it is important to know how to style high-top trainers to get the most out of them.

Whether you’re searching for the latest style advice or unsure how to wear high-tops, we’re here to help. Follow our guide for everything you need to know about this popular footwear style, including how to wear high-top trainers with various outfits, lace them properly, and style them for any casual occasion. 

Two different styles of Gola high top trainers sit against a contrasting, bold pink and orange striped background. One of the trainers features rose-gold wingflashes, and the other has silver.

Table of contents

  1. How to wear high-tops
    1. How to lace high-tops
  2. What to wear with high-top trainers
    1. How to wear high-top trainers with jeans
    2. How to wear high-top trainers with shorts
  3. Can I wear high-top trainers with a dress?
  4. Shop high-top trainers at Gola

How to wear high-tops

With their full coverage shape and secure lace-up fastening, high-top trainers not only look on-trend, but they can offer support around the ankle. They also offer effective protection against the elements, so your feet stay warm and dry without compromising style.

Once you’ve purchased your brand new pair of high-tops, you may want to know how you should lace them. Below, we’ve shared our tips on how to lace high-top trainers. 

A white Gola high-top with off-white trims and a off-white sole.

Gola Classics Women’s Coaster High Trainers

How to lace high-tops

While lacing your high-tops may seem trivial, it is essential for a secure, comfortable fit. 

Everyone has their preference when lacing high-tops, from creating criss-cross patterns to straight bar lacing. Here, we share how to lace your high-tops the Gola way.

Step one: First, straighten your laces to ensure they aren’t twisted. This will help them to last longer and provide a more secure fastening.

Step two: Next, thread your shoelace through the bottom eyelets of your high-tops closest to your toes. Insert the lace through the eyelets from above and pull through, creating a straight, horizontal bar between the two eyelets.

At this stage, it’s important to ensure the length of lace left on either side of the eyelets is as even as possible so that you will not run out of lace on one side of your shoe as you continue.

Step three: Start with the left eyelet lace and run the lace to the next eyelet up on the right side of the shoe, creating a diagonal line. Pull it through the eyelet from the top side of the shoe so that the end of the lace faces the shoe’s tongue as it is pulled through. This will create a stylish, seamless look.

Step four: Repeat step three with the opposite lace, again running the lace diagonally to the opposite side of the shoe and pulling it through the eyelet from above. Once you have completed this, you should have two diagonal lines that make a criss-cross pattern, with the ends of each lace facing inwards towards the trainer’s tongue. 

Step five: Continuously repeat these steps until you get to the top eyelets, criss-crossing the laces on the opposite sides and running the laces through the eyelets from above in the direction of the shoe’s inner part.

Step six: Once you have reached the top, you can tie your shoelaces together as normal, pulling the laces as tight or loose as needed to ensure a secure yet comfortable fit.

A white gola high top with rich rose-gold/peachy toned wingflashes. At the back of the shoe, near the top, it features a teal detailing. The high-top has a thick sole with ribbed detailing.

Vegan Gola Classics Women’s Rally High Plimsoll Trainers

What to wear with high-top trainers

High-top trainers come in a range of classic and on-trend designs guaranteed to become wardrobe-essentials. There are endless possibilities when styling them, as they offer so much versatility. 

Wearing high-top trainers is effortless, as you can easily style them with your go-to clothing pieces to create outfits that make you feel chic, comfortable and confident. Read our tips below to style your trainers with your favourite wardrobe staples. 

How to wear high-top trainers with jeans 

Denim jeans are extremely versatile, so pair perfectly with high-tops.

High-tops teamed with relaxed fit jeans are a great pairing. Straight, mom and wide-leg jeans are exceptionally comfortable and provide a casual aesthetic on dressed down days. Whether running errands or relaxing at home, we recommend opting for light wash denim in blue or grey and worn with simple T-shirts, shirts or knitwear to suit the season. 

Alternatively, try a more fitted style, such as slim or skinny jeans, for a smarter look. Their figure-hugging design will draw attention to your high-top trainers, making them a perfect choice if you want to show them off. Dark washes such as navy blue and black create a smart-casual look that can be worn for a wide range of occasions. Plus, if you have bright-coloured high tops, they will really contrast and pop against the darker denim.

Bold print high-top trainers by Gola. They are predominantly black and white, with a thick white sole that is ribbed near the front of the shoe. The sides of the shoe feature dalmation style dots, while the front, including the eyelet part of the shoe and the tongue, is a contrasting black colour.

Vegan Gola Classics Women’s Baseline High Safari Pure

How to wear high-top trainers with shorts

Shorts are an excellent clothing choice with high-top trainers, especially during the warmer months. 

Go casual with a pair of light-wash denim shorts or cargo shorts in a neutral or bold colour. They can be styled with various short and long-sleeve tops, so it’s easy to create different outfits to change your look. Try a pair of tailored shorts  to smarten up your high-tops.

Can I wear high-top trainers with a dress?

With many on-trend features, high-top trainers are perfect for marrying with dresses. You can style them with long maxi dresses or short dress styles, offering an on-trend, urban look. 

Plain white chunky Gola high-tops. These high-tops have a similar look to dunks or chunky trainers. They have Gola's loga in plain white, almost camoflaged into the white sides of the shoe. Chunky and cool, perfect for everything from jeans and shorts to dresses and skirts.

Gola Classics Women’s Slam High Trainers

Shop high-top trainers at Gola 

There are no rules for styling high-top trainers, as you can use your creativity to pair them with anything. Whether you opt for trousers, joggers, shorts or a skirt, there’s no end to the looks you can create.

At Gola, we stock an on-trend selection of high-top trainers, expertly crafted with high-quality materials. 

Explore the collection to discover our most popular high-top styles in various chic colours to suit your taste. From simple block colours to eye-catching prints, our striking collection has options to suit every taste.

Or, if you’re looking for more of your favourite Gola styles, discover our men’s and women’s new in range and find your next favourite pair today.

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Each year over 33 million pairs of running shoes are discarded into landfills, despite many still having plenty of life left in them.

Whilst this may cast your well-loved sneakers out of sight, their environmental impact is still prevalent. 

But what if we told you there’s a way to do some good with your pre–loved trainers? 

Here at Gola, we’ve partnered with JogOn and EVRI to help reduce the global impact of your well-loved trainers. Read on for everything you need to know to get involved, including how to recycle trainers and the benefits of doing so.

Multiple pre-loved trainers scattered together against a white background

Table of contents

  1. About JogOn 
  2. Recycling running shoes: Why is it important?
  3. How to recycle trainers with Gola & JogOn 


Led by founder and CEO Tony Piedade, JogOn is a small but mighty team brimming with passion and ambition. The aim is to keep trainers out of landfills and provide pre-loved running shoes with a second chance at life. 

Over 18 billion shoes are purchased annually, with 33 million estimated to end up in landfills. However, most of these are in good enough condition to be worn again or safely recycled into brand-new products. 

JogOn aims to improve the process of how shoes are discarded at the end of their life and deliver unwanted trainers to people who need them most. With this in mind, the team helps put these trainers to good causes, from collecting and inspecting used trainers to distributing them to various hubs around the world.

To date, JogOn has kept 1 million pairs of trainers out of landfills!

Recycling running shoes: Why is it important?

Running shoes are one of the most popular footwear styles, whether worn for fashion or to aid sports performance. 

With this in mind, JogOn’s project to help reduce the impact of running shoes at their life’s end is essential. Below, we’ve covered the top three reasons why.

Reduce landfill waste

Running shoes are one of the most popular footwear styles and one of the biggest contributors to UK landfills. With this in mind, recycling running shoes reduces landfill waste and helps reduce pollution. 

Reduce energy consumption

Using recycled fabrics and materials uses much less energy than collecting new, raw materials from the environment. For example, manufacturers can source natural materials like rubber from recycled running shoes, preventing the need to disrupt natural habits often damaged or destroyed by the sourcing process.

Help others

JogOn distributes shoes to charities, non-profit organisations and groups from developing nations worldwide, so by recycling your running shoes, you are also helping to provide for those in need.

Runners mid-run

How to recycle trainers with Gola & JogOn 

Every pair of recycled sneakers makes a difference and getting involved couldn’t be easier.

Simply tie your trainers together by the laces and package them securely in a bag or box. Then head to our shipping partner, EVRI, for a prepaid postage label and drop them off at your closest drop-off point. That’s it!

Whether you’re due a shoe sort-out or have a pair hiding in your car boot, recycle your trainers and make a difference today with JogOn and Gola!


The best vegan trainers to wear this Veganuary

As customers, we are becoming increasingly aware of our environmental impact. We are shopping ethically, choosing sustainable clothing over fast fashion and opting for cruelty-free products with a reduced carbon footprint, whether it is kitchen ingredients or what we wear on our feet. 

If you’re toying with the idea of being Vegan, Veganuary is the perfect opportunity to try it. It is a chance to try new vegan recipes, seek new vegan fashion alternatives and adopt a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. 

At Gola, you will find men’s vegan trainers and women’s vegan trainers that are stylish, durable and comfortable. Keep reading to find out some of our top footwear picks for Veganuary, including a range of styles and colours that are on-trend and registered by The Vegan Society. 

Table of contents

  1. Is Gola vegan?
  2. Men’s vegan trainers for Veganuary
  3. Women’s vegan trainers for Veganuary
  4. Children’s vegan trainers for Veganuary
  5. Popular vegan trainers from Gola to try this Veganuary 

Is Gola vegan?

Yes, our vegan range undertakes a process to ensure that it is vegan-friendly. If you want to read more about how Gola is tackling the vegan world, check out our blog post on Gola’s vegan approach and how The Vegan Society registers our products.

Men’s vegan trainers for Veganuary

Finding a style of vegan trainers that suits your style doesn’t have to be difficult. Check out some of our favourite men’s vegan trainers to try this Veganuary. 

Vegan Gola Classics Men’s Varsity Trainers – £50.00

The vegan Gola Classics men’s Varsity trainers are one of our top picks for Veganuary due to their clean aesthetic. Featuring simplistic flashes of red and blue, you can wear these sneakers with a range of casual looks all year round. 

The timeless styling of the Varsity trainers allows you to pair them with jeans for a relaxed weekend look, or if you’re looking for something to wear on dress-down Fridays in the office, you can match them with some chinos. 

Vegan Gola Classics Men’s Comet Plimsoll Trainers – £60.00

If you’re looking for a vegan trainer that is understated but still stands out, make sure to check out the vegan Gola Classics men’s Comet plimsolls. The contrasting colour Gola wingflash of these trainers gives them an edge you won’t find elsewhere. 

Crafted with a canvas upper and padded ankle collar for comfort, the Comet style is an ideal everyday companion. This trainer is free from any animal extract or by-product, meaning you can step out in style and feel you are making more ethical choices. 

Vegan Gola Classics Men’s Tennis Mark Cox Trainers – £65.00

Based on the original design from 1975, worn by British tennis player Mark Cox, these vegan-friendly sneakers offer on-trend styling and functionality. They embrace the long collaborative heritage between Gola and racquet sports, featuring a timeless aesthetic that combines the best features of the original design with modern touches. 

This plimsoll style is registered by The Vegan Society and doesn’t diminish style or comfort. 

Women’s vegan trainers for Veganuary

If you’re looking for chic women’s trainers that are also registered by The Vegan Society, you are in the right place. Gola’s range of women’s vegan trainers is perfect to add to your wardrobe. Here are some of our top picks: 

Vegan Gola Classics Women’s Coaster Smash High – £65.00

The 1976 Coaster Smash plimsoll takes influence from the original design, combining its classic detailing and silhouette with contemporary features.

Encompassing trims of red and navy, the Coaster Smash High sneakers have a cosmopolitan sensibility and can be worn daily. These vegan-friendly sneakers have been crafted with non-animal-derived materials, ensuring that you are ethically conscious of your fashion choices and still look on-trend. 

Vegan Gola Classics Women’s Coaster Rainbow Drop – £55.00

With a wrap-around multi-coloured trim, this vegan shoe is the perfect way to bring life to your street style in a vibrant and ethically conscious way. 

The classic women’s Coaster Rainbow Drop from Gola features bold styling that you can lean on to add a pop of colour to your everyday wardrobe. Pair with casual ensembles or use them as your go-to weekend plimsolls to show your free-spirited aesthetic. 

At Gola, we have meticulously refined our process to create vegan-friendly footwear, and all of the shoes within our vegan range have been registered by The Vegan Society. 

Vegan Gola Classics Women’s Coaster Strap – £65.00

One of the best-selling vegan trainers in our collection is the Coaster Strap, and we’re sure you can see why. Comfortable, chic and easy to wear, these sneakers embody classic plimsoll styling and will be your go-to footwear for the season. 

With a clean aesthetic, you can wear the Coaster Strap with any casual ensemble and remain comfortable and stylish all day. If you love classic, understated shoes, these are the perfect additions to your wardrobe. Moreover, the triple rip-tape strap allows extra comfort and can easily be adjusted. 

Children’s vegan shoes for Veganuary

Don’t worry; we haven’t forgotten about the little ones! Our children’s vegan shoe range is packed with vibrant trainers crafted from animal-free components. Featuring rainbow detailing on many shoe designs, this collection is designed to be fun and wearable for any little adventure. You will even find mini-me styles of the adult range!! 

Popular vegan trainers from Gola to try this Veganuary 

Make sure to check out the full range of vegan trainers from Gola, including some of our most popular styles and colours.

One of the most popular choices is our black vegan trainers, which include contemporary-styled options that are easy to wear and match any aesthetic. 

Don’t just take our word for it; browse the full vegan trainer collection today and choose a pair you can add to your wardrobe!  


The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Trainers

Being vegan goes beyond diet. With growing concerns for the environment and the impact of animal farming on the planet, even those not dedicated to a plant-based diet are exploring alternatives as vegan fashion merges into the mainstream. 

Making vegan wardrobe choices reduces the need for leather goods and cattle farming, which is a key contributor to climate change. 

Gola is committed to extending its vegan trainer collection with a view of reducing the impact on the environment. Our vegan trainers complement a lifestyle choice, offering must-have footwear across low to high tops in various designs.

If you’re looking to create a vegan wardrobe, trainers are a great way to start, so follow our guide to vegan trainers for everything you need to know about the swap.

Table of Contents

  1. What are vegan trainers made from?
  2. Vegan trainers for men.
  3. Vegan trainers for women.
  4. Vegan trainers for children.

What are vegan trainers made from?

To qualify as vegan, trainers must be made with non-animal materials and use vegan-friendly glue and other elements. 

Canvas vegan trainers

Our vegan collection offers high-quality canvas trainers that are comfortable, lightweight and easy to clean, so you can keep them looking box-fresh for years to come. Easily paired with a wide range of outfits, Gola offers animal-print, platform or monochrome designs to suit your style seamlessly. 

Relaxed cotton mesh vegan trainers

Our vegan mesh trainers are crafted from high-quality cotton and are ideal for warmer months. Lightweight and comfortable, these women’s trainers are a versatile choice for the summer season.  

Vegan trainers for men, women and children

Our vegan trainer collection is registered by The Vegan Society, which was established 75 years ago. The vegan trademark helps customers easily identify products free from animal ingredients. The vegan trademark allows brands to shout about their vegan products, from clothing and cosmetics to food and drink.

Vegan trainers for men

Our Vegan Gola Classics Men’s Varsity Trainers offer a classic lace-up plimsoll. With a canvas upper and classic Gola callouts, this style is versatile enough to dress up or down. A definite wardrobe essential, wear them with smart jeans and a jumper for an on-trend aesthetic. 

Vegan trainers for women

Our Vegan Gola Classics Women’s Coaster Trainers are superior quality, crafted with a canvas upper and rubber toe cap. This timeless trainer style is available in various colours, so you can pick your favourite to match an on-trend look. Impressively versatile, wear Coasters with jeans and a T-shirt for an off-duty day look, or team them with a dress for a more feminine look.

Vegan trainers for children

Our Vegan Gola Classics Kids Coaster Rainbow Trainers are a fun and vibrant style for an on-trend ‘mini-me’ look. Available in black or white with classic Gola callouts, these quality trainers are ideal for playtime outside. With an iconic heritage design that is comfortable and striking, these children’s vegan trainers also have a simple hook and loop fastening for quick and easy dressing.

Vegan footwear is on the rise as the movement continues to gain traction globally. Whether you’re looking to add to your existing vegan wardrobe or seeking to start from scratch, our selection of vegan trainers never compromises style. 

Crafted with comfort and durability in mind, invest in a premium pair of vegan trainers to help you tread lightly on the planet. Shop our full range of men’s or women’s vegan trainers today.

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What is Gola X ZARA ?

A trainer collaboration has been released between Spanish retailer ZARA and English trainer brand Gola. 

Bringing their values and expertise to the table, Gola has provided stylish pieces inspired by their iconic heritage designs.

What is Gola X ZARA ?

Recently released in stores and online, the Gola X ZARA collaboration combines original Gola styling with the latest trends.

Gola is an internationally-recognised brand, showcasing its world-famous range of classic trainers, plimsolls and iconic bags since 1905. The British brand has stood the test of time, soaring in popularity in the seventies with its trainers showcased by professional athletes such as tennis legend Mark Cox. 

Since the start, their goal has remained the same: high-quality footwear for those who love style and sports. 

The new collection offers a fit for the whole family, with styles available for women, men and children. 

Taking inspiration from Gola’s heritage silhouettes, the Gola X ZARA collaboration delivers on-trend and sporty styles for effortless urban layering. 

Who is ZARA?

ZARA is one of the largest international fashion companies, selling clothing, accessories, shoes, beauty products and perfumes. Born in Galicia in 1975, ZARA first expanded outside of Spain in 1985. 

Collaborations are becoming more frequent in the ZARA world, with recent partnerships with  Narciso Rodriguez, Studio Nicholson and Kaia. 

What styles of shoes are available?

The Gola X ZARA collaboration offers low-top and high-top styles with an impressive colour palette of chalk white, green, blue, red and orange that references vintage designs in an updated style. 

Gola X ZARA Women’s Trainers

In contrast colours with a chunky sole and raised details, these leather trainers will take you from season to season.

Gola X ZARA Men’s Trainers

These leather high-top trainers offer neutral colours, a chunky sole and raised details for on-trend styling.

Gola X ZARA Kids Trainers

With a contrasting rubber sole, these sneakers have an adjustable lace-up fastening, cotton lining and fabric insole.

Gola x ZARA trainers for kids.

Take a closer look at the Gola x ZARA collaboration online


How to Wear Black Trainers for Women

Sleek, sophisticated, standout style. Black trainers deliver time and time again. 

Far from being restricted to gym wear,  black trainers can now be dressed up to take you effortlessly from day to night as they become an increasingly popular match with blazers and formal wear for an on-trend contrast.   

Black trainers can match effortlessly with all clothing pieces, from trousers to dresses and skirts to jeans. 

If you’re unsure how to style your black trainers or looking for sneakers to match your outfits, follow our style tips as we explore how to style black trainers and what colour socks to wear to complement your look.

Table of Contents:

  1. Midi skirt and low-top black trainers
  2. Knitted dress and black leather trainers
  3. Blazers and black suede trainers
  4. Mom jeans and chunky trainers
  5. Beige trench coat and black trainers
  6. Cargo pants and all-black trainers
  7. Smart trousers and black trainers
  8. Skinny jeans and high-top black trainers
  9. What colour socks to wear with black trainers

Midi skirt and low-top black trainers

A midi skirt and low-top black trainers is an effortless ensemble for those who enjoy a relaxed outfit. Pair a midi skirt with a leather jacket for a look that exudes style while retaining a laid-back aesthetic. 

Match our Vegan Gola Classics Women’s Coaster trainers perfectly with various colours of midi skirts for versatile style. These low-top retro plimsolls boast true British heritage style and are crafted with superior quality to offer a stylish finish to various outfits.

Black women's Gola canvas trainers

Knitted dress and black leather trainers

Can you wear black trainers with a dress? Absolutely. Wear black trainers with a knitted dress for an on-trend mix of style and comfort. This classic look can be dressed up for an evening out or worn with a padded jacket to keep you warm during colder seasons. Pair with a smart black coat to imbue sophisticated style or a leather jacket to inject effortless coolness into any outfit.

Add our Gola Classics Women’s Bullet Glitter Trainers to your wardrobe for a glitzy finish to your outfit. In a low-cut silhouette style, this heritage trainer features a black leather upper with a glitter wingflash trim and heel tab for subtle sophistication.

Black women's Gola trainers with glitter trim

Blazer and black suede trainers

Blazers have evolved from office wear essentials to everyday style staples. A blazer is a versatile piece that can be paired with jeans, leather trousers or a midi skirt to take your outfit from day to night. Match your blazer with a pair of black sneakers to keep the outfit looking on-trend and effortless. 

Our Gola Classics Women’s Bullet Pearl Trainers have a black suede upper with a contrasting pearlised heel tab and wingflash. This low-profile, sleek trainer with iconic Gola branding will add a hint of sparkle to dress up any outfit.

Women's black suede trainers

Mom jeans and chunky trainers

Straight from the ’80s, mom jeans are still popular as they match well with pretty much anything from oversized shirts to smart blazers. While all trainers can pair well with mom jeans, chunky trainers complement this ’80s vibe. 

Discover our Gola Classics Women’s Eclipse Trident Trainers to add a high-fashion edge to your outfit. These black trainers guarantee comfort and catwalk style with colour pop panels on a black upper and an exaggerated off-white sole.

Women's black Gola trainers with colourful details

Beige trench coat and black trainers

A must-have for any capsule wardrobe, beige trench coats are trending up and up. A trench coat is wonderfully versatile, as it is the perfect piece to take you from season to season. Match with black trainers for a fresh look for your coffee catch-up.

Our Gola Classics Women’s Bullet Trident Snake Trainers offer a contemporary edge with a striking sun, pink and grey reptile printed Gola wingflash trim. A modern rework of a black trainer classic, Bullet Trident fuses the old and the new for a style refresh.

Gola Classics Women's Bullet Trident Snake Trainers with a striking sun, pink and grey reptile printed Gola wingflash trim

Cargo pants and all-black trainers

From the runway to the street, cargo pants have been everywhere since their recent return to the fashion charts. Bang on-trend for the season, cargo pants can be difficult to style to keep them looking fresh. An easy way to adopt the utility-inspired style is to match them with all-black trainers.  

Our Gola Classics Women’s Grandslam Leather Trainers have a clean and simple design to subtly complement cargo pants without detracting from them as the standout piece. With a chunky sole and contrasting Gola branding, these trainers come straight from the back catalogue to express retro style.

All black women's Gola trainers with a chunky sole

Smart trousers and black trainers

Wearing smart trousers with black trainers is becoming increasingly more popular, as it gives any polished look an on-trend laid-back aesthetic. 

Our Vegan Gola Classics Women’s Coaster trainers are tennis-inspired plimsolls with a black upper and a contrasting off-white wingflash. Based on an original Gola style worn by tennis player Mark Cox, these black trainers will effortlessly complement smart trousers.

Women's black Gola trainers with white details

Skinny jeans and high-top black trainers

Skinny jeans and trainers are a classic combination for everyday style. Easy to put together, this combination offers a timeless look that will quickly become your go-to for every season, whether you opt for low-top or high-top trainer silhouettes. 

For cooler seasons, why not try our Gola Classics Women’s Coaster Peak High Hiker Trainers, as they offer the aesthetic of a boot with the look of a trainer? This hiker-inspired trainer option has a water-repellent upper to keep your feet warm and comfortable. 

High-top boot-style Gola trainers with thick white sole

What colour socks to wear with black trainers?

Black trainers are a must-have item for any woman’s wardrobe as they are an easy addition to an abundance of outfits. Black trainers pair well with nearly every colour of socks, however, certain rules must be followed to achieve your desired look.

Pairing black ankle socks with black trainers will always create seamless style, but be sure to replace socks as the black colour begins to fade into grey, as this will pull the focus from your outfit.

Wearing white socks with black trainers is an increasingly trendy look, creating a sportier aesthetic. Wear white long or ankle socks, depending on your outfit, for an added dimension. Or match black trainers that feature a contrasting wingflash with coordinating colourful socks. Use pastel colours or bold hues for a standout look.

Find your perfect pair of black trainers

Whether you prefer high-top or low-top silhouettes, formal sophistication or laid-back athleisure, black trainers provide the perfect finish to a wide range of outfits. 

With decades of expertise, Gola has an impressive collection of black trainers that are the perfect fit for every aesthetic. 

Explore our full collection of women’s black trainers to find your new favourite pair. 

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How to Wear Black Trainers for Men

​​Black trainers offer versatility to pull together various outfits, whether you usually adhere to everyday casual wear or a semi-formal dress code. With the power to take any look from day to night, from catching up with mates to enjoying an evening out, black trainers provide a comfortable but on-trend finish to any outfit. 

From originally being a gym wear essential, trainers are now a style staple, available in various silhouettes and crafted with different materials to suit individual preferences. A quality pair of black trainers is certainly a worthwhile investment for any wardrobe.

With various types available, from low-top and sporty silhouettes to canvas and leather options, follow our guide on how to style black trainers for men. 

Table of Contents:

  1. How to style low-top black trainers for men
  2. How to style black leather trainers for men
  3. How to style black canvas trainers for men
  4. How to style sporty black trainers for men
  5. How to style black and colourful trainers for men
  6. How to style all-black trainers for men
  7. What colour socks with black trainers?

Low-top black trainers for men

Balance out black trainers with lighter clothing to lift the overall aesthetic of the outfit. Black trainers with white soles expand the potential colour palette for your outfit to incorporate dark blue, khaki, olive greens and rust tones.

Our Gola Classics Men’s Daytona Chute Trainers offer a vintage jogger silhouette reimagined from Gola’s back catalogue, featuring Gola branding and a ’90s colour palette. 

Pair with olive cargo pants, white socks, and a black or white T-shirt to pull the ensemble together. A style staple, these black trainers will match perfectly with the season’s key looks.

Low-top black men's Gola trainers with olive branding

Leather black trainers for men

Originally a dressed-down shoe, are black trainers smart casual now? Absolutely. Black leather trainers, in particular, can be matched with more formal outfits to add a casual edge.

Pair something as classic as a smart white shirt, light chinos and a blazer with black leather trainers to modernise this understated aesthetic. 

Alternatively, wear slim-fit denim jeans with a classic crew neck white T-shirt or charcoal hoodie to exude casual flair. 

Our Gola Classics Men’s Hurricane Leather Trainers feature a cut cleat outsole gum with a heritage-inspired upper to imbue retro, timeless styling.

In classic court colours with black and off-white wingflash highlights, these black leather trainers can be dressed up or dressed down to take you from an afternoon catch-up to an evening out. 

Black leather men's Gola trainers with rubber sole

Canvas black trainers for men

Black canvas trainers pair with a wide range of outfits effortlessly. Our Vegan Gola Classics Men’s Varsity Trainers offer a relaxed style with a canvas upper and a white wingflash.

Use a white polo shirt, navy chinos and black canvas trainers to build a solid outfit. Or, pair your canvas trainers with jeans and a crew neck jumper to keep you warmer during those cooler seasons. Blend black, grey and white hues through your outfit to garner tonal perfection.

Black canvas men's Gola trainers with white details

Sporty black trainers for men

It’s an unwritten rule that white soles are more casual, exhibiting athletic, street-style flair.

Wear sporty trainers with formal trousers and a graphic T-shirt for an inherently cool outfit. With a fine balance of formal and casual, sporty black trainers will keep your outfit on-trend. Or, why not match sporty trainers with joggers and a classic T-shirt to radiate effortless urbanity?

Our Gola Performance Men’s Atomics Trainers are incredibly lightweight, incorporating a moulded heel counter for a secure fit. The upper is made from ghost ripstop superlite nylon for enhanced wearability and is a signature style for everyday wear.  

Men's black sporty Gola trainers with white soles

Black and colourful trainers for men

When it comes to statement footwear, choose black trainers with standout hues to add a splash of colour to your weekend looks. Match bold colours with neutral shades to strike a smart casual balance.

Wearing head-to-toe black with colourful trainers looks too put-together and can make the trainers look clashingly bright. Instead, pair colourful trainers with slim-fit jeans and a light plain oversized shirt for relaxed coolness or slim black trousers, a white T-shirt and a tailored jacket. 

Our Gola Performance Men’s Typhoon Trainers boast MotionFoam technology for maximum cushioning and standout comfort. With process blue and deep red callouts, choose a bold trainer with an edge for a signature look.

Men's black colourful detailed trainers

All-black trainers for men

In contrast to colourful trainers, wearing black or dark navy trousers with all-black trainers is advised to keep a coherent look. Wearing light chinos with all-black trainers will clash, drawing the eye from the rest of the ensemble.

Our Gola Performance Men’s Lansen Trainers are sleek trainers with a mesh upper and Gola branding on the side. Pair with black denim jeans, a white t-shirt and a grey shacket for timeless styling. 

Men's all black Gola trainers in a sporty style

What colour socks with black trainers?

Black trainers are impressively versatile, pairing well with almost any colour of socks. Wearing white socks with black trainers is becoming increasingly trendy, adding a sporty edge to your outfit. With rolled-up jeans, the pop of white can add dimension to everyday casual wear.

Pairing black socks with black trainers is timeless for coherent styling. Ensure black socks are a solid colour and not an overwashed grey to keep your outfit looking fresh. 

Wearing bright or pastel-coloured socks with black trainers is becoming increasingly popular. Match the colour of your socks to the hues in your outfit to tie the look together. Whilst most colours will match, try to avoid brown-coloured socks, which can make outfits look outdated. 

Find your perfect pair of black trainers

Whether you’re more athleisure or formal or prefer canvas to leather, the impressive selection of black trainer styles provides the perfect fit for every taste.

Serving up style for decades, Gola has an impressive range of trainer silhouettes to provide an effortless finish for any outfit.

Explore our full men’s black trainers collection to find your perfect style.

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How to Clean White Trainers

A pair of white trainers are a wardrobe staple for effortlessly adding a laid-back aesthetic to any outfit. In canvas, leather or suede options, they are versatile in matching minimalistic looks or dressed-up styling.
Scuffs and scrapes on your white shoes are inevitable when you step out in a pair of fresh kicks and can even add a well-worn charm to the overall aesthetic. Yet, nothing exudes style like a pair of crisp white trainers.
If your shoes seem to be a magnet for dirt and stains, then worry not. Far from being destined for the bin, these tried and tested methods will easily restore them to their former glory.
Follow our guide on how to remove marks from white trainers and discover directions to keep them looking dazzling for longer.

Table of Contents:

How to clean white canvas trainers
How to clean white leather trainers
How to clean white suede trainers
How to clean white soles
How to clean white shoe laces
Can you clean white trainers in the washing machine?
How to store when trainers when they’re not being worn

How to clean white canvas trainers

White canvas trainers offer a cool, casual aesthetic with an elegant and timeless silhouette. Gently hand washing white trainers will keep them looking fresher for longer.
Follow these simple steps to keep white trainers white:
1. Take the laces out of your shoes before you start.
2. Using a damp cloth soaked in warm soapy water (wring out well) gently rub the surface of the trainer in circular motions.
3. Let trainers air dry at room temperature.

How to clean white leather trainers

Leather trainers add texture to any ensemble, whether you’re styling them with a midi dress or your favourite pair of jeans.
When cleaning up your white leather trainers, avoid using anything too harsh on the leather to prevent any potential damage to the material.
Use these easy steps to clean up your leather trainers:
1. Remove the laces from your shoes.
2. Make sure the trainers are completely dry.
3. Use a soft brush to remove any excess dirt.
4. Any leftover stains can be removed using a damp cloth. Don’t apply too much pressure as you could damage the leather.
5. Leave to dry naturally overnight before wearing them again.

How to clean white suede trainers

White suede trainers seem to attract dirt as soon as you step outside. A delicate material, suede absorbs water, so washing them with water can cause stains to set in the fabric.
Try these simple steps to gently care for your suede trainers:
1. Apply a suede protector spray; make sure the trainers are clean and completely dry and spray the protector spray from a distance, or as per the application directions if different.
2. Leave the sprayed trainers for at least one hour before wearing.
3. If trainers get soiled, let the mud on the trainers dry, then lightly apply a suede brush to the suede areas.

Keep the soles and laces clean

Keeping the laces and soles of your white trainers clean is an easy way to transform the shoe’s look instantly.

How to clean white soles

As well as cleaning the uppers of your trainers, it’s important to clean the soles to remove dirt and debris.
1. Create a solution of equal parts water to baking soda to create a soft paste.
2. Coat the bristles of a toothbrush in the paste and rub them over the soles of your shoes in a circular motion.
3. Leave for a few minutes to let the baking soda lift any dirt or stains.
4. Use a damp cloth to wipe off the paste.

How to clean white shoe laces

Cleaning your shoe laces can keep your trainers looking brand new for longer.
Take your shoelaces out of your trainers and leave them to soak in a bowl of warm water with a small amount of washing detergent.
Remove the laces and rinse the solution off under a tap.
Leave to dry completely before lacing up your trainers again.

Can you clean white trainers in the washing machine?

Popping your shoes in the washing machine might seem like a quick and effective method of cleaning white trainers, but this can inflict damage to your shoes.
Suede and leather trainers, in particular, risk being ruined when placed in washing machines. The water overload may damage the materials and weaken the trainers’ bonding agents, damaging the shoe’s structure and silhouette.
Always hand wash trainers and allow them to dry naturally. Don’t be tempted to use a radiator to dry them quickly, as this may damage the bonding agents that hold the shoe together.

How to store white trainers when they’re not being worn

Correctly storing your white trainers can help keep them clean, maintain the shape of the silhouette and keep them looking sparkly white.
Stuff your trainers with something like kitchen roll or tissue paper to help keep them in shape.
Store them away in a dry place away from humidity or heat and always out of direct sunlight, as frequent and prolonged direct sunlight exposure can cause white trainers to dull or yellow over time.
If possible, store them in the box or cotton bag that they came in to maintain that box fresh feeling.

How to keep your white trainers white

White trainers will inevitably appear duller after exposure to rain, sun or dirt in the outside world. But with our handy guide, you can refresh your shoes to keep them looking new for longer, making them a long-term investment.
Try to alternate wearing pairs of white trainers to give your favourite go-to pair a break. Why not explore our collection of white women’s trainers or men’s trainers and find a new pair to elevate your style?

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Messenger Bag or Rucksack: Find the Best Bag For You

The perfect bag fuses style and function. Whether commuting to the office or heading to the gym, you need a reliable, spacious bag that exudes style and is perfect for all seasons.
Messenger bags have been around for centuries, their popularity soaring in the ‘70s, with Gola’s iconic designs and bold colour palettes recognisable across the globe. Designed with retro appeal in mind, our messenger bags imbue classic styling and they are perfect for those on the go.
Alternatively, rucksacks blend athleisure appeal with practicality, featuring plenty of interior space for carrying tech devices to work or clothes for a weekend away.

Finding a bag that accurately suits your needs ensures you have a highly wearable, go-to bag for everyday use.

Factoring in size, features and aesthetics, follow our guide on finding the best bag for you as we explore what a messenger bag is and how it compares to a rucksack.

Table of Contents

What is a messenger bag?
What are the advantages of a messenger bag?
What is a rucksack?
What are the advantages of a rucksack?

What is a messenger bag?

Messenger bags are worn over the shoulder or cross-body to ensure comfort for those carrying heavy or bulky items.

Since Roman times, messenger bags have mainly been used for the transportation of post and other courier services, often used by cyclists as the wearer can easily twist their bag to the front to access its contents.
Nowadays, the messenger bag has become an increasingly stylish fashion accessory that remains just as practical for carrying items thanks to its useful compartments and pockets to keep you organised on the go.
Gola messenger bags fuse heritage designs with key functional elements, available in various colourways, with a smart and clean look.

Shop Gola Classics Redford Strip Messenger Bag

What are the advantages of a messenger bag?

Messenger bag sizes

Messenger bags can fit neatly into overhead compartments on public transport, making them the perfect size for travelling.

Available in classic or micro sizes, find the right size style staple to wear on repeat. Classic messenger bags are ideal for carrying laptops, notebooks or larger items for urbanites on the go. Small messenger bags offer all the features and retro appeal of a regular messenger bag in a handy size for carrying just the essentials.

Shop Gola Classics Mini Bronson Polyester Messenger Bag

What are some helpful features that a messenger bag should have?

Messenger bags have secure zip fastenings, comfortable shoulder straps and spacious central compartments, so your valuables are always kept safe when you’re out and about.

Messenger bag style

Encompassing premium materials in various colour palettes and patterns, find the perfect staple pieces to use on repeat. All Gola bags are made using durable materials, some are even water-resistant, making our messenger bags suitable for every season.

Shop Gola Classics Redford Messenger Bag

What is a rucksack?

Rucksacks allow you to easily carry your belongings hands-free so that you can hold your smartphone or coffee while on the move. Whether you’re heading into the office or are on your way to the gym, rucksacks can fit in plenty and distribute the weight evenly across your shoulders to make them more comfortable to carry.

Classics Harlow Gloss Stripe Rucksack

What are the advantages of a rucksack?

Rucksack sizes

Rucksack interiors have plenty of storage space for packing essentials whilst fitting easily into overhead compartments, under seats and desks.
Lightweight and flexible, our rucksacks make it easy to carry around your belongings without adding extra weight from the offset.

What are some helpful features that a rucksack should have?

Our rucksacks offer padded shoulder straps to provide superior levels of comfort. Padded straps prevent the rucksack from digging into your shoulders, which is especially useful when carrying the rucksack around for long periods.

Front pockets are also incredibly useful for easy access to your essentials when you’re on the go. With a zipped pocket to keep your belongings safe, this helpful feature saves time when searching in your backpack for smaller items.

Shop Gola Classics Harlow Storm Rucksack

Rucksack style

Choosing a rucksack made from high-quality materials makes it timelessly stylish. Our Gola rucksacks are available in various colourways and designs and offer classic style with iconic Gola branding to effortlessly match any look.

Choose the right bag for you

Both messenger bags and rucksacks offer valuable interior storage, stylish designs and superior levels of comfort. When choosing a new bag, factor in what you’ll be using the bag for, how often you’ll need to access the contents and what features you’ll need.

So whether you’re seeking the messenger bag’s retro design or the rucksack’s athleisure aesthetic, you’ll find a style staple to suit your wardrobe in our full collection of Gola bags.