How to Clean White Trainers

A pair of white trainers are a wardrobe staple for effortlessly adding a laid-back aesthetic to any outfit. In canvas, leather or suede options, they are versatile in matching minimalistic looks or dressed-up styling.
Scuffs and scrapes on your white shoes are inevitable when you step out in a pair of fresh kicks and can even add a well-worn charm to the overall aesthetic. Yet, nothing exudes style like a pair of crisp white trainers.
If your shoes seem to be a magnet for dirt and stains, then worry not. Far from being destined for the bin, these tried and tested methods will easily restore them to their former glory.
Follow our guide on how to remove marks from white trainers and discover directions to keep them looking dazzling for longer.

Table of Contents:

How to clean white canvas trainers
How to clean white leather trainers
How to clean white suede trainers
How to clean white soles
How to clean white shoe laces
Can you clean white trainers in the washing machine?
How to store when trainers when they’re not being worn

How to clean white canvas trainers

White canvas trainers offer a cool, casual aesthetic with an elegant and timeless silhouette. Gently hand washing white trainers will keep them looking fresher for longer.
Follow these simple steps to keep white trainers white:
1. Take the laces out of your shoes before you start.
2. Using a damp cloth soaked in warm soapy water (wring out well) gently rub the surface of the trainer in circular motions.
3. Let trainers air dry at room temperature.

How to clean white leather trainers

Leather trainers add texture to any ensemble, whether you’re styling them with a midi dress or your favourite pair of jeans.
When cleaning up your white leather trainers, avoid using anything too harsh on the leather to prevent any potential damage to the material.
Use these easy steps to clean up your leather trainers:
1. Remove the laces from your shoes.
2. Make sure the trainers are completely dry.
3. Use a soft brush to remove any excess dirt.
4. Any leftover stains can be removed using a damp cloth. Don’t apply too much pressure as you could damage the leather.
5. Leave to dry naturally overnight before wearing them again.

How to clean white suede trainers

White suede trainers seem to attract dirt as soon as you step outside. A delicate material, suede absorbs water, so washing them with water can cause stains to set in the fabric.
Try these simple steps to gently care for your suede trainers:
1. Apply a suede protector spray; make sure the trainers are clean and completely dry and spray the protector spray from a distance, or as per the application directions if different.
2. Leave the sprayed trainers for at least one hour before wearing.
3. If trainers get soiled, let the mud on the trainers dry, then lightly apply a suede brush to the suede areas.

Keep the soles and laces clean

Keeping the laces and soles of your white trainers clean is an easy way to transform the shoe’s look instantly.

How to clean white soles

As well as cleaning the uppers of your trainers, it’s important to clean the soles to remove dirt and debris.
1. Create a solution of equal parts water to baking soda to create a soft paste.
2. Coat the bristles of a toothbrush in the paste and rub them over the soles of your shoes in a circular motion.
3. Leave for a few minutes to let the baking soda lift any dirt or stains.
4. Use a damp cloth to wipe off the paste.

How to clean white shoe laces

Cleaning your shoe laces can keep your trainers looking brand new for longer.
Take your shoelaces out of your trainers and leave them to soak in a bowl of warm water with a small amount of washing detergent.
Remove the laces and rinse the solution off under a tap.
Leave to dry completely before lacing up your trainers again.

Can you clean white trainers in the washing machine?

Popping your shoes in the washing machine might seem like a quick and effective method of cleaning white trainers, but this can inflict damage to your shoes.
Suede and leather trainers, in particular, risk being ruined when placed in washing machines. The water overload may damage the materials and weaken the trainers’ bonding agents, damaging the shoe’s structure and silhouette.
Always hand wash trainers and allow them to dry naturally. Don’t be tempted to use a radiator to dry them quickly, as this may damage the bonding agents that hold the shoe together.

How to store white trainers when they’re not being worn

Correctly storing your white trainers can help keep them clean, maintain the shape of the silhouette and keep them looking sparkly white.
Stuff your trainers with something like kitchen roll or tissue paper to help keep them in shape.
Store them away in a dry place away from humidity or heat and always out of direct sunlight, as frequent and prolonged direct sunlight exposure can cause white trainers to dull or yellow over time.
If possible, store them in the box or cotton bag that they came in to maintain that box fresh feeling.

How to keep your white trainers white

White trainers will inevitably appear duller after exposure to rain, sun or dirt in the outside world. But with our handy guide, you can refresh your shoes to keep them looking new for longer, making them a long-term investment.
Try to alternate wearing pairs of white trainers to give your favourite go-to pair a break. Why not explore our collection of white women’s trainers or men’s trainers and find a new pair to elevate your style?

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