A Men’s Style Guide On How To Wear White Trainers

vegan Gola Classics men's Varsity trainers

White trainers are the perfect choice if there’s only room for one pair of trainers in your wardrobe. Classic and versatile, they provide many dressing options and can add a sophisticated, sharp finish and an approachable edge to even the most formal looks.

Whilst black and brown trainers are often seen as a more formal choice, and patterned designs are a loud focal point that helps to show off your personality, white trainers are timeless and wearable, whatever the occasion! But what clothes go with white shoes?

In this guide, we’re offering our top tips on wearing white trainers for men, so when you invest in a pair, you’ll have an abundance of go-to dressing options. We’ve even considered what colour socks to wear with white trainers to ensure that even the smallest details don’t affect your desired aesthetic.

Table of contents: 

What to wear with white trainers

  1. Chinos
  2. Shorts
  3. A Suit
  4. Jeans
  5. Sportswear

What colour socks go with white trainers

What to wear with white trainers

Have you ever wondered what to wear with white trainers? Today, men’s fashion editorials are filled with stylish outfits that are rounded off with a classic pair of white trainers; the good news is, they pretty much go with anything. 

Whether you’re looking to add a casual finish to a formal suit or want some trainers to pair with your chinos for the office, white trainers are an ideal option. The key to nailing the look is to choose a minimalist style and to keep your trainers immaculately clean, wear after wear. 

Here are our top five ways to style your white trainers:

1 Chinos 

Chinos are a popular style piece in most modern men’s wardrobes. They’re also great for off-duty days and office wear, when dress trousers may seem too formal.

When pairing chinos with white trainers, the styling possibilities are endless. For the best looks, choose chinos that naturally taper towards the ankle and come in neutral shades such as navy, black or grey. Your trainers should be minimalist, so choose a style like our Gola Classic Men’s Grandslam Leather Trainers for a chic, crisp finish.

Gola Classics Men's Grandslam Leather Trainers

If you want a smart, modern look for the office, style your chinos and white trainers with a button-down shirt and a light sweatshirt, or for a smart off-duty look, a tailored polo shirt can be just as stylish. 

Or, opt for a long or short sleeve T-shirt in a plain colour, put together with your chinos and your white trainers and complete the look with a stylish accessory, such as a wristwatch, to add some sophistication to your otherwise smart casual look. 

2 Shorts

If you’re looking for a way to carry your style into the summer season, it’s fine to pair your white trainers with shorts. 

Keep it simple by choosing neutral shorts and pairing them with a basic T-shirt in a classic shade or a light-knit polo to add a smarter finish to your outfit. 

For best results, opt for chino-style shorts that sit just above the knee, and pair them with white canvas trainers, such as our Vegan Gola Classics Men’s Comet Plimsoll Trainers and no-show socks. 

Want to add a jacket to your look? Choose a casual suede bomber or a relaxed, open button-down shirt for ultimate style points.

3 A suit 

A style once reserved for the most daring of dressers, pairing a suit with white trainers is becoming a more popular option for even the most sophisticated gentlemen. However, some style codes relating to fit and how you tie the look together need to be met for this look to work.

First, your suit of choice should be tailored to fit you flawlessly. Much like the chinos example, trousers slightly tapered towards the hem are a great style choice. Then when finishing the look, choose a casual T-shirt or Breton striped top to prevent your outfit from becoming too formal or stuffy. 

This style choice works best with a shirt in a neutral shade and when things are kept casual. A good quality fitted T-shirt or a stylish, lightweight wool jumper can provide a perfect finishing touch. 

vegan Gola Classics men's Varsity trainers

Our Vegan Gola Classics Men’s Varsity Trainers are just the ticket to pulling off this look. Pair with a navy suit to accentuate the trainer’s classic detailing. 

4 Jeans

Every man’s wardrobe usually contains an assortment of jeans in various fits and shades, and the good news is that white trainers go well with them all! Whether classic, distressed or ripped, curating many looks around this perfect pairing is easy. 

When choosing a matching top, be as classic or casual as you like. Basics such as hoodies or bomber jackets can look great, creating an essential off-duty outfit that wouldn’t look out of place in a coffee shop or at the football. Or, if you love skinny jeans, why not roll the hem to show a little ankle and finish your outfit with a fitted T-shirt in a single shade?

men's Harrier Elite trainers

Our Gola Made in England – 1905 Men’s Harrier Elite Trainers wouldn’t be out of place here. Cut from the finest leather to a classic silhouette, they’re a timeless design that pairs perfectly with various jean styles – just be mindful of colour transfer from your jeans to their off-white, buttery leather. 

5 Sportswear 

Athleisure, or the trend of wearing sports clothes for fashion, has become increasingly popular in recent years and is another great way to wear white trainers. Whether running errands or travelling, adding stylish white trainers to your outfit can transform your loungewear into a premium look.

To curate this style effectively, choose fitted joggers that taper downwards into a cuff or hem that wraps around the ankle. Go for looser layers on top, such as a relaxed polo shirt or a T-shirt in an oversized cut for balance. 

Gola Classics Men’s Hawk Leather Trainers offer heritage styling and evoke a vintage Varsity-style aesthetic, making them the perfect pairing to this laidback look.

Gola classics men's hawk trainers

What colour socks go with white trainers?

The sock colour that works best with your white trainers largely depends on your outfit, so it’s not always as simple as pairing white socks and shoes. Alongside the colour, you might also want to consider the length and style of socks you choose.

When choosing a colour, consider your outfit carefully. Do you want your socks to be a statement part of your outfit, or do you want them to blend seamlessly into the background? White trainers go with any colour, so in this case, the colour of your outfit will be the determining factor.

With a suit, unless your socks are loud on purpose, choose a neutral colour that pairs well with your suit trousers, such as grey or black with a grey suit, or navy with a navy. Whereas with shorts, unless you’re trying to make a statement, ankle or no-show socks are the best choice for keeping your outfit stylish and classic. Mid-calf socks are also ideal for sportier looks or layering under jeans. 

Classic black socks in a mid-calf length go with most outfits and allow your trainers to take centre stage without drawing attention away from them.

For a fun and playful twist, why not use colourful striped socks to bridge the gap between your white trainers and jeans for a statement finish?

Shop men’s white trainers at Gola for timeless dressing 

Now you know how to style white trainers seamlessly, why not shop for your perfect pair at Gola? From plimsolls to our Heritage styles, you’ll surely find your missing wardrobe piece when you shop the collection today, including vegan styles. 

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