The best vegan trainers to wear this Veganuary

As customers, we are becoming increasingly aware of our environmental impact. We are shopping ethically, choosing sustainable clothing over fast fashion and opting for cruelty-free products with a reduced carbon footprint, whether it is kitchen ingredients or what we wear on our feet. 

If you’re toying with the idea of being Vegan, Veganuary is the perfect opportunity to try it. It is a chance to try new vegan recipes, seek new vegan fashion alternatives and adopt a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. 

At Gola, you will find men’s vegan trainers and women’s vegan trainers that are stylish, durable and comfortable. Keep reading to find out some of our top footwear picks for Veganuary, including a range of styles and colours that are on-trend and registered by The Vegan Society. 

Table of contents

  1. Is Gola vegan?
  2. Men’s vegan trainers for Veganuary
  3. Women’s vegan trainers for Veganuary
  4. Children’s vegan trainers for Veganuary
  5. Popular vegan trainers from Gola to try this Veganuary 

Is Gola vegan?

Yes, our vegan range undertakes a process to ensure that it is vegan-friendly. If you want to read more about how Gola is tackling the vegan world, check out our blog post on Gola’s vegan approach and how The Vegan Society registers our products.

Men’s vegan trainers for Veganuary

Finding a style of vegan trainers that suits your style doesn’t have to be difficult. Check out some of our favourite men’s vegan trainers to try this Veganuary. 

Vegan Gola Classics Men’s Varsity Trainers – £50.00

The vegan Gola Classics men’s Varsity trainers are one of our top picks for Veganuary due to their clean aesthetic. Featuring simplistic flashes of red and blue, you can wear these sneakers with a range of casual looks all year round. 

The timeless styling of the Varsity trainers allows you to pair them with jeans for a relaxed weekend look, or if you’re looking for something to wear on dress-down Fridays in the office, you can match them with some chinos. 

Vegan Gola Classics Men’s Comet Plimsoll Trainers – £60.00

If you’re looking for a vegan trainer that is understated but still stands out, make sure to check out the vegan Gola Classics men’s Comet plimsolls. The contrasting colour Gola wingflash of these trainers gives them an edge you won’t find elsewhere. 

Crafted with a canvas upper and padded ankle collar for comfort, the Comet style is an ideal everyday companion. This trainer is free from any animal extract or by-product, meaning you can step out in style and feel you are making more ethical choices. 

Vegan Gola Classics Men’s Tennis Mark Cox Trainers – £65.00

Based on the original design from 1975, worn by British tennis player Mark Cox, these vegan-friendly sneakers offer on-trend styling and functionality. They embrace the long collaborative heritage between Gola and racquet sports, featuring a timeless aesthetic that combines the best features of the original design with modern touches. 

This plimsoll style is registered by The Vegan Society and doesn’t diminish style or comfort. 

Women’s vegan trainers for Veganuary

If you’re looking for chic women’s trainers that are also registered by The Vegan Society, you are in the right place. Gola’s range of women’s vegan trainers is perfect to add to your wardrobe. Here are some of our top picks: 

Vegan Gola Classics Women’s Coaster Smash High – £65.00

The 1976 Coaster Smash plimsoll takes influence from the original design, combining its classic detailing and silhouette with contemporary features.

Encompassing trims of red and navy, the Coaster Smash High sneakers have a cosmopolitan sensibility and can be worn daily. These vegan-friendly sneakers have been crafted with non-animal-derived materials, ensuring that you are ethically conscious of your fashion choices and still look on-trend. 

Vegan Gola Classics Women’s Coaster Rainbow Drop – £55.00

With a wrap-around multi-coloured trim, this vegan shoe is the perfect way to bring life to your street style in a vibrant and ethically conscious way. 

The classic women’s Coaster Rainbow Drop from Gola features bold styling that you can lean on to add a pop of colour to your everyday wardrobe. Pair with casual ensembles or use them as your go-to weekend plimsolls to show your free-spirited aesthetic. 

At Gola, we have meticulously refined our process to create vegan-friendly footwear, and all of the shoes within our vegan range have been registered by The Vegan Society. 

Vegan Gola Classics Women’s Coaster Strap – £65.00

One of the best-selling vegan trainers in our collection is the Coaster Strap, and we’re sure you can see why. Comfortable, chic and easy to wear, these sneakers embody classic plimsoll styling and will be your go-to footwear for the season. 

With a clean aesthetic, you can wear the Coaster Strap with any casual ensemble and remain comfortable and stylish all day. If you love classic, understated shoes, these are the perfect additions to your wardrobe. Moreover, the triple rip-tape strap allows extra comfort and can easily be adjusted. 

Children’s vegan shoes for Veganuary

Don’t worry; we haven’t forgotten about the little ones! Our children’s vegan shoe range is packed with vibrant trainers crafted from animal-free components. Featuring rainbow detailing on many shoe designs, this collection is designed to be fun and wearable for any little adventure. You will even find mini-me styles of the adult range!! 

Popular vegan trainers from Gola to try this Veganuary 

Make sure to check out the full range of vegan trainers from Gola, including some of our most popular styles and colours.

One of the most popular choices is our black vegan trainers, which include contemporary-styled options that are easy to wear and match any aesthetic. 

Don’t just take our word for it; browse the full vegan trainer collection today and choose a pair you can add to your wardrobe!  

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