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Messenger Bag or Rucksack: Find the Best Bag For You

The perfect bag fuses style and function. Whether commuting to the office or heading to the gym, you need a reliable, spacious bag that exudes style and is perfect for all seasons.
Messenger bags have been around for centuries, their popularity soaring in the ‘70s, with Gola’s iconic designs and bold colour palettes recognisable across the globe. Designed with retro appeal in mind, our messenger bags imbue classic styling and they are perfect for those on the go.
Alternatively, rucksacks blend athleisure appeal with practicality, featuring plenty of interior space for carrying tech devices to work or clothes for a weekend away.

Finding a bag that accurately suits your needs ensures you have a highly wearable, go-to bag for everyday use.

Factoring in size, features and aesthetics, follow our guide on finding the best bag for you as we explore what a messenger bag is and how it compares to a rucksack.

Table of Contents

What is a messenger bag?
What are the advantages of a messenger bag?
What is a rucksack?
What are the advantages of a rucksack?

What is a messenger bag?

Messenger bags are worn over the shoulder or cross-body to ensure comfort for those carrying heavy or bulky items.

Since Roman times, messenger bags have mainly been used for the transportation of post and other courier services, often used by cyclists as the wearer can easily twist their bag to the front to access its contents.
Nowadays, the messenger bag has become an increasingly stylish fashion accessory that remains just as practical for carrying items thanks to its useful compartments and pockets to keep you organised on the go.
Gola messenger bags fuse heritage designs with key functional elements, available in various colourways, with a smart and clean look.

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What are the advantages of a messenger bag?

Messenger bag sizes

Messenger bags can fit neatly into overhead compartments on public transport, making them the perfect size for travelling.

Available in classic or micro sizes, find the right size style staple to wear on repeat. Classic messenger bags are ideal for carrying laptops, notebooks or larger items for urbanites on the go. Small messenger bags offer all the features and retro appeal of a regular messenger bag in a handy size for carrying just the essentials.

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What are some helpful features that a messenger bag should have?

Messenger bags have secure zip fastenings, comfortable shoulder straps and spacious central compartments, so your valuables are always kept safe when you’re out and about.

Messenger bag style

Encompassing premium materials in various colour palettes and patterns, find the perfect staple pieces to use on repeat. All Gola bags are made using durable materials, some are even water-resistant, making our messenger bags suitable for every season.

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What is a rucksack?

Rucksacks allow you to easily carry your belongings hands-free so that you can hold your smartphone or coffee while on the move. Whether you’re heading into the office or are on your way to the gym, rucksacks can fit in plenty and distribute the weight evenly across your shoulders to make them more comfortable to carry.

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What are the advantages of a rucksack?

Rucksack sizes

Rucksack interiors have plenty of storage space for packing essentials whilst fitting easily into overhead compartments, under seats and desks.
Lightweight and flexible, our rucksacks make it easy to carry around your belongings without adding extra weight from the offset.

What are some helpful features that a rucksack should have?

Our rucksacks offer padded shoulder straps to provide superior levels of comfort. Padded straps prevent the rucksack from digging into your shoulders, which is especially useful when carrying the rucksack around for long periods.

Front pockets are also incredibly useful for easy access to your essentials when you’re on the go. With a zipped pocket to keep your belongings safe, this helpful feature saves time when searching in your backpack for smaller items.

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Rucksack style

Choosing a rucksack made from high-quality materials makes it timelessly stylish. Our Gola rucksacks are available in various colourways and designs and offer classic style with iconic Gola branding to effortlessly match any look.

Choose the right bag for you

Both messenger bags and rucksacks offer valuable interior storage, stylish designs and superior levels of comfort. When choosing a new bag, factor in what you’ll be using the bag for, how often you’ll need to access the contents and what features you’ll need.

So whether you’re seeking the messenger bag’s retro design or the rucksack’s athleisure aesthetic, you’ll find a style staple to suit your wardrobe in our full collection of Gola bags.

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