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Each year over 33 million pairs of running shoes are discarded into landfills, despite many still having plenty of life left in them.

Whilst this may cast your well-loved sneakers out of sight, their environmental impact is still prevalent. 

But what if we told you there’s a way to do some good with your pre–loved trainers? 

Here at Gola, we’ve partnered with JogOn and EVRI to help reduce the global impact of your well-loved trainers. Read on for everything you need to know to get involved, including how to recycle trainers and the benefits of doing so.

Multiple pre-loved trainers scattered together against a white background

Table of contents

  1. About JogOn 
  2. Recycling running shoes: Why is it important?
  3. How to recycle trainers with Gola & JogOn 


Led by founder and CEO Tony Piedade, JogOn is a small but mighty team brimming with passion and ambition. The aim is to keep trainers out of landfills and provide pre-loved running shoes with a second chance at life. 

Over 18 billion shoes are purchased annually, with 33 million estimated to end up in landfills. However, most of these are in good enough condition to be worn again or safely recycled into brand-new products. 

JogOn aims to improve the process of how shoes are discarded at the end of their life and deliver unwanted trainers to people who need them most. With this in mind, the team helps put these trainers to good causes, from collecting and inspecting used trainers to distributing them to various hubs around the world.

To date, JogOn has kept 1 million pairs of trainers out of landfills!

Recycling running shoes: Why is it important?

Running shoes are one of the most popular footwear styles, whether worn for fashion or to aid sports performance. 

With this in mind, JogOn’s project to help reduce the impact of running shoes at their life’s end is essential. Below, we’ve covered the top three reasons why.

Reduce landfill waste

Running shoes are one of the most popular footwear styles and one of the biggest contributors to UK landfills. With this in mind, recycling running shoes reduces landfill waste and helps reduce pollution. 

Reduce energy consumption

Using recycled fabrics and materials uses much less energy than collecting new, raw materials from the environment. For example, manufacturers can source natural materials like rubber from recycled running shoes, preventing the need to disrupt natural habits often damaged or destroyed by the sourcing process.

Help others

JogOn distributes shoes to charities, non-profit organisations and groups from developing nations worldwide, so by recycling your running shoes, you are also helping to provide for those in need.

Runners mid-run

How to recycle trainers with Gola & JogOn 

Every pair of recycled sneakers makes a difference and getting involved couldn’t be easier.

Simply tie your trainers together by the laces and package them securely in a bag or box. Then head to our shipping partner, EVRI, for a prepaid postage label and drop them off at your closest drop-off point. That’s it!

Whether you’re due a shoe sort-out or have a pair hiding in your car boot, recycle your trainers and make a difference today with JogOn and Gola!

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How To Care For Your Gola Trainers

Whether you are an avid trainer buyer who likes to stand out in bright and vibrant styles or someone who likes the classic all white designs, keeping your shoes in pristine condition is a must; no one likes to be walking around in dirty sneakers. Eager to learn some key pointers on how to keep your trainers looking fresh, crisp and in tip-top condition? Well, keep on reading, as this post will unveil all the answers.

The one tip we would recommend for cleaning any pair of trainers is to avoid the washing machine. The washing machine will be your worst enemy because it will only lead to running and discolouration of fabrics.

Gola Grandslam Trident Trainers

Our best-selling court trainer Grandslam features a crisp PU white upper. We all know white trainers are the hardest to keep clean, so in order to get the best results when cleaning white PU we would suggest get your hands on a cloth. Damp the cloth in warm soapy water and lightly wipe over the PU to remove any marks or mud.

Gola Men’s Bullet Suede

Another great classic is the Gola Bullet which incorporates a suede upper. When it comes to suede, we believe in prevention over cure, we would highly recommend buying a suede protector spray. Firstly, make sure the trainers are clean and dry, spray the protector spray from a distance and make sure you leave the spray for at least one hour before wearing your trainers. Alternatively, you can use a suede brush in order to clean suede. By nature, suede attracts dust and the beauty of a suede brush is that it removes dust and evens up the texture, making the trainer look as good as new. If you have mud on your trainers, we would highly recommend letting the mud dry and then lightly apply the suede brush to the soiled area.

Gola Women’s Harrier Leather Trident Trainers

A go-to footwear choice for many of our female customers is the black leather Harrier trainer. We would recommend keeping the Harrier style in the original box as this reduces the amount of sunlight exposed to the leather and increases its life span. Keeping Harrier stored in its original box will help prevent the leather fading and cracking.

Vegan Gola Coaster High Rainbow Drop

Gola’s ever popular Coaster Rainbow style is a classic off white canvas demi boot. A top-tip for keeping this style fresh is to use shoe inserts or newspaper to stuff into the inside of the shoe. Creasing and loss of shape are two of the biggest elements that make trainers look worn and distressed. Using shoe inserts or newspaper can help the trainer keep looking fresh and keep its original shape. When it comes to cleaning canvas the best technique is to use a damp cloth and spot clean to remove any marks.

We hope this post has helped you learn some valuable hacks for keeping your trainers looking fresh and crisp.

General Which Gola Are You?

Which Gola are You?

Gola’s 2015 campaign has taken a fresh direction, with a new strap line ‘Which Gola are You?’! We have worked in partnership with established and influential bloggers to try to ascertain which designs from Gola’s SS15 collection best complements their own style by asking the question ‘Which Gola are You?’.

Which Gola are You? Jonathan Daniel Pryce

For our first collaboration we have teamed up with the author of Garcon Jon, a London based street style blogger and photographer. Jonathan Daniel Pryce established Scotland’s leading street style blog in 2008 and is now based in London working as a street and fashion photographer. His current blog focuses on his interest in men’s style in all its forms. Jonathan selected the iconic Gola Harrier trainer, take a look at the video below:

We wanted to get a female perspective, so we travelled across the pond and teamed up with New York based model and blogger Natalie Suarez. Natalie has massive domestic and international appeal and is the author of We have again produced a street style shoot and short video highlighting the Gola Comet plimsoll that Natalie likes from Gola’s SS15 collections.

Gola will work with a wide variety of other fashion and lifestyle bloggers throughout 2015, asking that all important question… Which Gola are You?

Which Gola are You?