Will Prince

Kid Cudi, Joey Fatts and Asher Roth have all featured his work on various album and mixtape covers. His work is constantly being featured on Ill Roots and has even had his own showcase in Austin, Texas last year. This talented boy is called Will Prince and is definitely one of the freshest artists of his age around at the moment! He draws lots of his inspiration and concentrates a lot of his art on hip-hop artists and even self-confesses that he is probably more obsessed with music than art, “When you think of hip hop as a culture there is always the graffiti element to it.

I first discovered his designs when one of his images popped up on my Tumblr dashboard and from then on I have become an avid follower of his work. Some of my personal favourites are his creative sketches of Frank Ocean and Kanye West. I love how he creates such a bold image and creates such a balanced mix of art and the obvious Hip-Hop influence.

The artist from Cumbria states he simply uses a sharpie, paper and his Macbook to create his expressive cartoon style images. He is currently working on some mixtape and album projects and even a T-shirt line! I’m just hoping he will be doing a showcase in the UK very soon, so I can finally see the original drawings in the flesh!

Check out some of Will’s other work here:


And Will’s Twitter:


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