Wayne Mok’s Abstract Exploration

Introducing contemporary abstract artist Wayne Mok- Born in Hong Kong brought up in London from the age of 13 and educated in the US completing his Art degree at the California College of The Arts in San Francisco. Since graduating Mok has worked as a curator before transitioning to life as an artist. Mok now spends his time between Londonand the USA.

He works in short series of acrylic paintings to explore the beauty, spontaneity and power of repetition, drawing on the philosophical history of his Chinese heritage and the western influences of his time spent in the city of London. His work is more of a series of explorations, not an attempt at perfection or a finite result. Pleasure, possession, fulfillment and beauty are all themes within his work.

Wayne has exhibited in London and the US, including the South London Gallery, The Tabernacle Gallery and more recently the hugely successful The Other Art Fair at Ambika P3 in West London.




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