Us Baby Bear Bones

Daisy Emily Warne and Puff Gandolfo head up the trio Us Baby Bear Bones together with Luke Phillips. Though the band name may invoke feelings of twee-ness and sugary sweet nostalgia, their music couldn’t be further from that. There seems to be a play on the foreboded naivety, as the first track from their new EP, what starts with a U and ends with an I, sets the tone with a punch of a heavy, eloquent backdrop that gives way to airy, yet forceful vocals. Their sound is polished, and enigmatic of grandeur, yet still maintains a sense of youth and the ruggedness that accompanies this.

Interestingly, there’s something reminiscent of great female pop legends, but battered in dream-pop and turned in electro-beats. Us Baby Bear Bones are definitely not afraid of giving you a big punch in the stomach with their forceful sound; the vocals doubled up by the density of bass. The opening track, Mountains, has been released as their first single from the new EP, accompanied by a video that is self-directed and self-shot by the band. Warne says of shooting, “we got the worst camera we could find and locked our selves in a room for eight hours with a ladder, a laptop, a projector, a PA system and just had fun.” They’ve also been kind enough to give all of you who can’t wait to get your bear claws into the album, a free track up on band camp! Download Rain here.

Us Baby Bear Bones formed in Brighton, where they continue to work and are currently signed to local label Love Thy Neighbour. What starts with a U and ends with an I will be out June 10th, and it’s looking to be an immediate success. The track Sun is bound to be an anthem, as much as the ending track Swamp is the perfect soundtrack to all festivals this summer. It seems as if Us Baby Bear Bones are shaping up nicely, and I can’t help but think of Warpaint’s The Fool, which blew up over the internet immediately after its release. Could Us Baby Bear Bones possibly have the same fate in store? We’ll have to keep an eye out.

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