His previous 2-piece band was called Horses. This time he’s gone for something with a bit more colour – and a beak. ‘Toucans’ is Sheffield-based Adam Humphrey’s latest project. Just as tropical as its name, the band makes kaleidoscopic lazy-day indie music.

What’s striking about Toucans is their dreamy vintage sound. If Toucans were a photograph they would be a series of lovely polaroid pictures: pleasing, intriguing and charmingly old-fashioned. It seems only appropriate that they record onto cassette – who’d have thought those still exist.

Toucans’ music is ideal for laid-back, easy-listening; the low-fi vocals create a dreamlike fog around the tracks that lulls and calms. Kings of low-tempo is, the band’s track ‘Welcome To Lovers House’ gently lilts through tambourine clicks and heavy guitar strums. The rocking weight echoes the likes of Neutral Milk Hotel with a low-fi coating on the vocals and a mysterious helium-fuelled humming that sails above it. On that same tip, ‘I Swear To God You Will See My Ghost’ brings together the weight of a plodding guitar riff with a cloudlike drift of misty vocals; they waltz together, moving in perfect harmony.

Picking up the pace, ‘Oh, Sordid Bones’ – which has more life than the name – is quirky and delightful with its neat guitar picking, warm muffled beating and that all important vintage vocal.

Between the  tropical rainforest name, the ripe and aged sound and the hypnotic dreaminess it’s hard to decide what appeals most about Toucans. What is sure is that Britain’s indie/folk scene has a bird-shaped space for this band. Check them out via their SoundCloud.

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