Tohu Va Vohu

I have found out about the work of York-based illustrator Jamie Mills fairly recently, and have fallen completely in love with his beautiful illustrations, Lowry-esque line drawings that focus on themes of nature and natural history, delightfully juxtaposing dark shading with bright, primary colours. However, it’s not his drawings that I want to introduce you to; it’s his recent foray into the world of animation.

Tohu Va Vohu is Mills’ first ever short animation. At a run time of just under six minutes, it is a enchanting composition that channels themes similar to those Mills favours in his illustrative work, using that same contrast of shade and colour to stunning effect. The purpose of the film is to explore how our world is made up of “chaotic, cyclical patterns and structures” and how our we as humans come to have influence on these over time. Furthermore, it is set to a hauntingly beautiful score composed by Glacis (if you like it, is available to purchase here) which, combined with the intricate delicacy of Mill’s animations, creates something nothing short of spectacular.

Currently only the trailer is available to watch online, but Mills is applying to festivals for the full film to be showcased sometime in the future. Follow the Tohu Va Vohu page of his website for more details, including stills from the film and information about upcoming showings, as well as links to more of Mills’ beautiful designs.

– Georgie

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