Thom Bartley

Thom Bartley; Photographer, Musician and Law and Business Graduate (A pretty clever bloke).

Thom found his interest in photography about four years ago. At this time, he hadn’t yet developed a style, but he knew he wanted to take pictures.

‘Over time I’ve realized that what I enjoy the most is portrait photography. I like keeping an organic natural look to my shots. I prefer to capture an image without having to go into Photoshop and drastically change what I’ve taken‘ says Thom.

‘I love photography because I like capturing beauty. I find people the most interesting and beautiful things to photograph. I enjoy the process of meeting a model and using a combination of ideas, creativity and personality, to come up with something which is unique to that person yet retains my personal style.’

This approach to photography is clearly paying dividends, as Thom has an established and sensitive portfolio of work. This includes photographs Thom recently took at The Midlands Fashion Awards.

As well as being rather handy with a camera, Thom also enjoys making music, which he has done from an early age.

Thom has always enjoyed singing and started to play the guitar at 13. He began writing music, as well as performing his pieces.

‘ My music and photographic styles are very similar. I work extremely quickly and prefer a raw organic approach, as opposed to over producing something.’

If you like soulful, acoustic music with a folky style, you can listen to examples of Thom‘s beautiful work on his website. You can also see his photographic work on here too.




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