Thea Sanders

I am sure everyone appreciates the great feeling of putting your favourite jumper on when the little chill starts hitting in. Let’s talk knitwear then! And not just any ordinary knitwear, but the creations of winner of the Stuart Peters Visionnary Kintwear Award 2013.

Thea Sanders recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University and won the hearts of last year’s Graduate Fashion Week judges with her eccentric but wearable collection of colorful knits. Dresses and skirts in the vivid shades of blue and yellow paired with even more boldly-coloured tights are present in Thea’s collection, brightening up even the coldest winter ahead. Inspired by the patterns of floor tiles, the young designer incorporates domestic knitting and weaving into her collection, the results of which are one in a kind garments that create a strong statement the second you see them on the models walking on a runaway.

Being in early stages of her career, Thea managed to achieve something that a lot of young designers try to get for ages – strong and distinctive sense of own trademark style that helps her with standing out from the offerings of other creators trying to make a break in the fashion industry.

There is not a lot of information on Thea or her work to be found and that is what makes me look at few pictures available online with even more interest – I don’t know what we can expect next from this one, but let me ensure you, it is going to be SOMETHING!

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