The Well Rested

Oliver Ninnis sits down across from me in the dusty pub, pint in hand. The warm afternoon light of early summer streams in behind him illuminating the decorum of the establishment, glinting off of antique relics of Edinburgh’s past. I promised Oli I wouldn’t make him sound like a pompous moron, so this is already off to a good start!

Truth be told, Oli and the rest of ‘The Well Rested’ are actually pretty normal and down-to-earth people who are all from an art-school background. I heard once that there is an unspoken bucket list of things you need to do when you’re at art school including; dying your hair a funky colour, trying magic mushrooms and of course, starting a band. The Well Rested have successfully ticked at least one of these boxes.

This alternative band’s members include, instrumentalists James and Tim, and Oli on instruments and vocals. Oliver also claims to play the tambourine in his set but I’m not entirely convinced. They are entirely self produced and very D.I.Y, demonstrated by their lovely set-up where the microphone is attached to the stand with a sock. Their influences come from many different places but they admire bands such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Pink Floyd and The Kinks. The main effort in their music is as live performers, and they urge everyone to see them live because that is where they shine. The trio are as much crowd entertainers as they are musicians.

They music of The Well Rested is mostly about general experiences in life, and I would best describe it as musical narrative. The band’s name ‘The Well Rested’ is intended ironically, as everyone knows, the life of a creative trying to make it in the world is rarely ever glamorous and full of luxuries like a good night’s sleep. Oliver has clear opinions on sleep and explains that he rarely gets up earlier than 10 am because, ‘Nothing good happens before 10 am’. The bands rehearsals and meetings take place in their spare time, which often goes into the small hours of the morning. They may even rehearse their music while drunk, in order to prepare them for how to play should they get intoxicated during their live shows. The band mates share a close friendship and look out for each other both on and off the stage.

Some exciting news for the Well Rested, and I can proudly announce that they have just released a new single, ‘Family Tree’ which is now available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. I urge you to buy and listen to it! They are having a launch for this on the 3rd of May at Teviot Underground.

The band are unsure of their future plans, but they want to keep making music and possibly release a full length album in the not so distant future.

Have a listen, like their facebook page and buy their new single!

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