The Half Earth

You could say it’s a cliché to sing about love, loss and relationships – that timeless, often derivative subject matter. The Half Earth gives the topic a whole new, irresistable bitterness.

Sheffied-based Conor Stephenson makes organic folk music, as his Gaia-like artist name might suggest. A recent Chemistry graduate, The Half Earth has swapped chemical equations for guitar chords and the lab for his recording studio bedroom. Listening to his music, it’s a good job he did.

Through his ethereal instrumental and torn lyrics, The Half Earth brings a stripped-back, bleeding dimension to folk music, drawing from Bon Iver and creating something novel altogether.

“Jimi Hendrix made me want to play guitar,” Conor told altblackpool. Growing up on a diet of Nirvana, Bjork, PJ Harvey and Radiohead, The Half Earth was born and bred in a musical household and owned a guitar from the age of eight. He plays his instrument with such raw tenderness, his melancholic vocals seeping between the strings, it is hard not to be touched by the emotive tones and pastel shades his tracks paint.

The Half Earth’s triumphs include ‘Fox’ and ‘Counting’ which, in addition to ‘Pale Water’ and ‘End’, make what is already an impressive repetoire for an artist in such early days.

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