The Dark Jokes

While on the hunt for an ear tonic (that’s music for you), I came across an Edinburgh based band called The Dark Jokes, and they some truly fantastic musicians, as well as really lovely people who deserve your attention. I met up with them this week to find out more about their music and to spread the word.

The band got together about three years ago, and currently consists of four members, two brothers, Paul and Aaron Dennington, Jamie Hogg and Matthew Thornton. Each member has quite different influences, and so in that way they all bring something interesting to the table. They sound absolutely brilliant! I have no idea how to classify their music — I suppose it would fit in the alternative genre — but the unique, chilling and ultimately darkly mysterious sounds are hauntingly brilliant, I promise that it is worth your time.

These guys are full time musicians, and practically breathe music. They operate from their homemade, DIY studio down in Granton. It is really nice to see a homely place where creative minds can let loose and create amazing things. You can tell that a lot of effort has gone into everything they do, and as a band, I would say they are quite in demand up here in Scotland.

As it happens, there has been a lot of success with The Dark Jokes recently. After they released their debut single ‘Low Winter Sun’ in May of this year, they have had notable success and have succeeded in securing a place to perform next year at a festival called Cultura Inglesa in Brazil. Other musicians that will make it to this festival include Franz Ferdinand and The XX, so The Dark Jokes clearly have a high level of talent to be included among these successful musicians.

They have also released an exceptional video for ‘Low Winter Sun’ which was directed by Bradford based Jack King, and featuring Niel Leeper who has also been in the film Angel’s Share directed by Ken Loach.

Other exciting things that are happening with these guys, are the planned release of their new album, due in May of next year, after which they will do a tour of the UK and Europe. I am really looking forward to hearing this. According to Paul and Aaron, their music has become a lot more streamlined recently and they have assimilated their sounds into the unique style that is The Dark Jokes as it is now.

I am looking forward to hearing more of The Dark Jokes. Please take the time to check out their website and listen to some of their tracks from this year!

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