The Adventures of Luke Carr

Luke Carr studied Graphic Design at the University of Huddersfield, but the itch to draw and create characters was constantly in the back of his mind, from drawing superheroes to weird and wonderful characters his current project combines his drawing skills with his creative mind to develop a fantastic interactive book for children.

I asked Luke a few questions:

What is your current project?

My current project is something very new to me. I have created my own children’s book under the name of “Tips 4 Tots . It’s the first book in what I hope to be a series of books to teach young children little life lessons. From brushing your teeth to using your manners the lessons are all nice and simple and easy to take in’

‘The key feature of the books is that none of the main characters are coloured in. The idea behind this is that the children get there crayons and colour in the character any way they want. Spots, dots, stripes or anything they want. I believe that the lessons in the books will be remembered better due to the interaction the children will have with the book.”

What inspired you and your illustrations?

“I was inspired to make the books just because I had always wanted to create a book. Since I was a young lad I always loved looking at all the books lines up in book shops. I guess I just wanted to create something that I could proud of creating. In my opinion there’s nothing better than creating something that helps people’

‘Another big inspiration is my Tips 4 Tots tea mug I use when I’m pulling late night working sessions. It’s always full of tea and helps keep me fueled up.”

What’s your favorite artist/graphic designer?

“Hands down my favorite artist is a gentleman called Humberto Ramos. He is a comic book artist who has worked on some of my favourite comic characters. Whenever I’m in need of inspiration I just grab one of his many books I have and have a flip through. His artwork has a particular style that just oozes style. Massive respect to that man for helping me get motivated and staying creative!”

So what are we to expect from Tips 4 Tots?

“Tips 4 Tots is still in it’s infant stages but is slowly growing. I am constantly in my studio/bedroom working of the next books and characters. I am in talks at the moment with nurseries and primary schools to get the books in. I have been approached to see if I would be interested in turning the books into interactive tablet apps. It’s a long way off but it’s something I have penned into my diary to come back to. So the future looks bright for Tips 4 Tots and it is a massive learning curve for me personally. As long as I put in the hard work and keep pushing I believe I can get my books out there and help little tots everywhere learn some little valuable lessons.”

Where did the idea come from?

The idea was nestled in the back of my head since I was little. Then one day I just kinda though ‘I’m gonna put pencil to paper and get this thing going’

If you would like more information in “Tips 4 Tots” then check out the website!

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