Teardrop Factory

Hailing from Brighton and signed to Faux Discx Records; it’s Teardrop Factory, ladies and gentlemen. The trio compose messy, distorted indie pop for all your listening pleasure. They are killer at creating little pop ditties, and their Topshop EP is four tracks of just that. Though they have a pop edge, they are still leaning towards the well-known slacker feel of the Pixies and Pavement, with lazily strummed fuzzy guitars, and persistent drums in the background. Sung over this, on closing song Topshop, It’s the weekend/and I try to divert your attention feels fairly apt accompanied by sunny boozing and cruising. A yearning and slight hint of teenage angst maintains a nice flow through the EP, and makes it ripe for living it up and worrying less. Its arrival is well timed, as it sits as a soundtrack for summers filled with fun, mistakes, lazy days, and good friends. If I imagine what the lovechild of Pixies and Sonic Youth would sound like (and what a beauty it would be), it’s not far off from Teardrop Factory. Not afraid of creating slightly alternative pop songs, they have a knack for making sure they get stuck in your head. There’s a track I can’t seem to get off my brain, which is my personal favourite, Vanity Unfair. A nostalgia-laced riffy guitar track with sweet ah-ah-ah’s sung over the distorted guitar, ready for you to close your bedroom door and play at full volume (teenage years throwback).

The Topshop EP is out on the 27th of May and available to order from their bandcamp (there’s a 7” record being made as well). It’s perfect for road trips, or just lying on your bedroom floor, when you wish you could escape just a little bit. If you’re unsure of buying the whole she-bang at first go, they’ve given out a free download of the song Vanity Unfair on their soundcloud.

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