Carla Lee Illustration

The word ‘illustration’ comes from the Latin word ‘illustra’tio, illustro’ meaning ‘enlighten’. True to its essence, Yorkshire-based Illustrator Carla Lee’s work is nothing short of enlightening.

Focusing on precise detail and intense observational skills, Carla shines a magnifying glass onto objects and animals and teases out intricacies so defined her images stray away from reality and approach the surreal.

Carla usually begins with the traditional Illustrator’s tools: sketchbook and pens. From here, her passionate imagination and desire to create are her ‘je ne sais quoi’, resulting in unique and striking images.

Carla is a self-confessed kitten lover, which is apparent in the feline, farmyard, feathered and four-legged motif that characterises her work (take a browse on her website). ‘The Fox and the Mask’ – a limited collection – brings out the wave-like tonality of her mammal’s fur, so detailed it could be a peacock’s tail. And it’s only too appropriate that Carla drew a collection of magical ‘Alice in Wonderland’ inspired illustrations in which animals and nature are recognisable, but somehow not quite right.

Talking stories, one of Carla’s proudest ventures was her first book for American company ‘New Adjustment Productions’ titled ‘Weevil & Nightshade’s Compendium of Farables and Tales’. This original piece treads somewhere between Aesop’s Fables and Grimm’s Fairytales. In seven tales written by Mark Roushe, the farables confront societal issues with a fantastical twist through characters Shannon Shee and her shadow Persephone, a living enslaved girl made out of chocolate. Carla’s poignant, imaginative and prickly style perfectly complements the lyrical yet dark tone of the farables, which interweave abstract and realistic themes with uncanny fluidity.

Check out Carla’s work on her website and discover the wizadry for yourself.

Lucas Jubb

Evening all,

This week I bumped into the lovely and very talented Huddersfield designer Lucas Jubb. While completing his degree, Lucas has also established himself as a regular in local the art and design scene, with his work appearing everywhere from bars, magazines to skateboards. This is definitely one individual with a passion for design and the dedication to make sure he won’t be another young designer lost in the crowd! His style is incredibly crisp and charismatic, whilst just being plain likeable. With an eye for detail beyond his years, I was excited to ask him some questions…


-Could you tell me a little bit about yourself and your work?

I am a freelance designer. Currently taking a year out of uni to work full time freelance at Base Studio, Huddersfield.

-During your career so far, you’ve achieved an impressive client base. What has been your proudest moment so far?

haha I wouldn’t say it’s all that impressive. However I do try my best to do as much work as possible, I enjoy doing what I do so it’s always a bonus when people ask me to work for them. I am at a stage now where more and more of my designs are going into print.

My proudest moment so far will have been my first editorial design in RWD Magazine. It was great to see my work in a magazine that is distributed nationwide! I have since done another editorial for the same magazine, which I am much prouder of, as I felt the design was much better.

 -What would be your goals for the next few years?

I want to develop my style and push it to a much more creative place, which is something I am constantly doing anyway. It would be good to work for some big named clients and be featured in more magazines, and blogs. I would also like to save tuna from extinction.

-What do you think of the art/design scene in Britain today?

If I was honest I don’t know much about the art scene in Britain on a whole. However if West Yorkshire is anything to go off, then it is booming! I work with some very creative people who have some amazing achievements and huge worldwide clients under their belt, so it’s good to work with people who have something I can aim for.

Also I notice that people are getting better and better at things at a much younger age, so even though I am only 20 I find myself having to compete with people much younger than me to be creative and get the jobs. It’s all healthy though.


Having achieved so much in a short space of time Lucas is definitely a talent to watch for the future. With an impressive portfolio I suggest you get yourself over to his website to see more from him and really get a feel for what he’s about. Why not leave your thoughts and questions below? We always love hearing from you guys!
As with every post I enjoyed writing it so I hope you enjoyed reading it! Until next time guys…