Wolf and Moon

Geometric / bold / striking: those are the three things that immediately hit you when you see any piece from Hannah Davis’ handcrafted Wolf & Moon jewellery collection.

Graduating from Goldsmith’s with a degree in Fine Art only in 2011 Hannah soon moved to Brighton, and from there the label has already moved into being a really popular brand with independent jewellery shops across the country.

Talking to an assistant in Hannah Zakari in Edinburgh (one of the 7 British branchs that sell Wolf and Moon in store), she said that despite their current stock only being shipped in around a week previously almost all of it had gone already; and I must say whenever I have popped in (mostly just to gaze at beautiful jewellery my sad student bank account can’t afford) the Wolf & Moon section is constantly getting filled up with new items as the old fly off the shelves.

And that’s another rather lovely thing about Davis’ work: despite all being of certain Bauhaus-esque style each piece has it’s own unique appearance and charm. Very slightly variations of wood, Perspex and brass give each necklace or pair of earrings a feel of a ‘one off’ piece, but the continuous theme of strong shapes and simple patterns also mean you could combine different pieces without any sense of clashing.

From the range of broches, earrings, necklaces and pendants I must say the newest Garden collection is my favourite: it’s very Art Deco in style and with more complex statement pieces than the other Original and Inti collections.

And if you want to find some of her jewellery to see for yourself it should hopefully not be too hard to: the 7 shops which stock it are scattered from Glasgow to Oxford, and you only have to take a glance at her twitter feed to see that stalls selling her work are consistantly set up at an impressive amount of Vintage and art fairs across the country.

Another site I feel you should check out is Davis’ own fine art work; she’s done some absolutely gorgeous photography and some really lovely installation work, all with a strong theme of nature and mystery.



Wolf & Moon

Hannah Davis’ fine art site