Ashley Dwyer

This week I was lucky enough to be introduced to a fantastic young talent in the graphic design industry. Ashley Dwyer is a recent graduate from the Winchester School of Art, where she has worked hard to develop her unique style. Its common today to see many young designers following the same trends and styles in their work, but what I love about Ashley, is that her work is new, fresh and full of character. She has been able to create a diverse portfolio, showing how her eye for detail can be translated across a wide range of media. For such enthusiasm and talent, its only a matter of time before we see much more from Ashley, and I for one am excited to watch her work progress even further. I caught up with her to ask a few questions:


How would you describe your work and your style?

My style of work is very adaptive. Over my 3 years at university I have learnt to let the brief influence my style. It means I can discover new skills during a project that I may not have thought to do if I just stuck to one particular style.

As a designer your style seems very flexible to different briefs. Do you have a favourite medium to work with? 

My absolute favourite style is digital painting, to create the comic book style and if I can add the high fashion photography element in there I will, to make a piece of work I usually layer up many different mediums to get the best effect.

Do you have any advice for young designers, trying to establish their style?

My advice would be to not worry about having a distinctive style too early on, because as time passes you will mould yourself into a unique designer. I’m still not entirely sure what my style is! Also, employers love the idea of being able to sculpt a young artist if they don’t have a particular style.

Where do you hope to be in the future?

I would absolutely love being part of the graphic novel and gaming industry, whether it be on their design team or just making cups of coffee, as long as I am involved in some way!


If you want to see more of Ashley, then check out her online portfolio here! 

Have a great week guys, Katie

Nick Riley

This week I’ve been chatting to a refreshing graphic designer with a bold style that mixes clean commercial design with show stopping conceptual pieces. Nick Riley, a soon to be graduate from Winchester School of Art, Southampton University is definitely one to watch in the world of design. His work is inventive and creative, never settling for the common place in design. This has helped him create an impressive online portfolio that shows how diverse and effective his work can be. However, interestingly, despite being a diverse and adaptable designer, he never misses the mark when it comes to the subject matter. There’s a charming realness to all of his pieces, that get a clear message across, whilst still being effortlessly beautiful. Just what you’d want from a talented designer. Here’s what he had to say…


How would you describe your work and your style?

My work has a strong emphasis on colour with quite a minimalist approach to type. I also favour illustration over photography on the majority of my projects, perhaps due to it having a more harmonious relationship with bright colour schemes. I’d hope that my work appeals to quite a large audience and age range due to the colour schemes and simplicity of type layout. The majority of my work is print based and I’m a firm believer in the value and promotion of print over digital alternatives.

Your work is often very bold and graphic, what influences your style?

Michael Craig-Martin has been a large influence on my style for a good few years now, other artists such as William Morris have also played a part in some of my projects. Graphic designers such as David Carson and Stefan Sagmeister often influence how I approach briefs and the values I keep in mind when designing.

You’ve created some very deep and meaningful pieces ( like your genius loci work, which can be found on your online portfolio for those interested) do you prefer working in this style, or in a more commercial style?

The genius loci brief was really interesting due to the subject matter, seeing how the public dealt with the homeless brought about a lot of questions and it was good to explore those. However the more light-hearted, exciting briefs are what I prefer doing, I have more of an enthusiasm about brighter, positive challenges.

Where do you hope to be in the future?

I hope to head into London once I’ve graduated, as a junior graphic designer. I’d like to be mainly print based however the world is becoming evermore digital so I also look forward to designing for digital formats and briefs. Print and digital lends itself well to graphic installations and this is something I’d really like to get involved with.


I hope you enjoyed that, and to really get a good idea of Nick’s work, I urge you to visit his website, and check him out for yourself!

Click here for Nick’s website

Lawrence Cox

Evening all! It feels like far too long doesn’t it? Well I haven’t been slacking I swear. This week I got chatting with a fantastic Graphic Design student come freelancer, based in Winchester. Lawrence’s work is both edgy and graphic whilst being effortlessly conceptual and thought provoking. What I love about his work is that it could just as easily fit in, hanging on the wall of an art gallery, or printed across your t shirt. This intellectual versatility is rare in graphic designers today, and I think it’s a quality we should admire. Here’s what he had to say:


-Tell me a little bit about yourself and your work?

I am an enthusiastic Graphic Designer that loves to work in all kinds of mediums. Currently I am in my third year at Southampton University, Winchester school of Art, on the Graphic Arts program. I feel when design is done properly it opens a line of inquiry in the mind of the viewer. It’s about creating visual clues or stepping-stones to provoke an emotional response to reinforce the message behind the work and ensure it sticks in the viewers mind. In my own work I try to challenge what people see and how they see it.

About my work: Whilst documenting my brothers tuning garage I noticed that the language used was Alien to me. It was like a foreign language that went straight over my head. This made me feel naïve and confused. So I decided to replicate these emotional responses into my work. Trying to make the audience say, ‘what is this all about?’

Having the authentic materials smells, paper and language from the tuning garage allowed for this user interaction. The outcome was not only intriguing but opened up questions. Some people went up close and smelt the oil that was printed. Being this close to my work lets the viewer see the small flies that were accidently added in the screen-printing process.

-Where do you hope to see yourself in the next few years?

Hopefully if all goes well, I would love to be a design creative in London. I would love to live and work in London for the buzz and also for the immense amount of design that it contains.

-The gola campaign is called Born in Britain. Who or what inspires you, in Britain today?

‘It’s Nice That” is an awesome publication that gives lesser-known artist/designers the chance to get they’re work publicised. It shows a varied diversity of design, which helps me keep up to date.
Sounds “cheesy” but I feel my mates inspire me. Being with and around design-focused individuals really helps me to stay focused. Plus I love collaborations, as ideas can develop at a much quicker rate.

-Do you have any work coming up that our readers can look out for, if they want to see more from you?

As I am in my last year of Uni, the answer is yes as projects will be flying at me. Independently I am currently in negotiations with a clothing company to design them a catalogue and posters.


With future design work in the pipeline and a fantastic blog, all before his graduation, I think it won’t be long before we see more from this Designer. Head over to his tumblr now to see more of his work and get in touch.

Well I hope you enjoyed that, with so many graphic designers ou there today, it’s great to get to know more about those that really are talented. Don’t hestitate to check out more of lawrence’s work if you thought the same.


Until next time!