Will Knox

These days, it’s easy to find yourself cynically switching off when someone mentions the words ‘singer-songwriter’. I know I’ve been guilty on occasion. The term seems to have slowly become synonymous with every young-pretender who has a decent voice, knows a few open-chords, and has built-up a YouTube channel full of covers.

Don’t get me wrong, there is undoubtedly some great young talent out there – some even gaining exposure in the ways I just dismissively mentioned – but with all these acoustic guitars being brandished about the place, and with the media quick to try and make a story of each and every fleeting internet sensation, I can’t help but feel that it’s getting harder and harder to hear the best above the din.

But then, every so often, you find an artist whose music manages to strike a chord somewhere deep inside you; an artist who owns the mantle ‘singer-songwriter’, and restores your faith in what it can mean. Will Knox is one such artist.

Splitting his time between his hometown of Londonand New York, and having honed his craft studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Knox cuts his audiences to the quick with his striking voice and lyrical prowess. One of the founding members of Handsome Lady Records (a label he started with his friends and fellow musicians Alec Gross and Jake Hill) Knox released his gently-beautiful debut ‘The Matador And The Acrobat’, featuring standout tracks such as ‘Buckled Knees’ and ‘Never Letting Go’.

Latest release ‘Lexicon’, which takes it’s inspiration from a forgotten asylum on New York’s Blackwell Island, is presented in the rather novel form of a digital comic book and five-track EP. In addition, considering it’s available as a free app for all your iPhones and iPads, it would just be daft to pass it up. What a generous guy, right?

Will Knox is on the cusp. Long may real talent endure.