Josef Salvat

Josef Salvat is a singer-songwriter born in Australia but currently living in London. His music is often classed as  pop, but don’t think boy bands and Taylor Swift because you would be way off. Think more along the lines of James Blake.

Josef isn’t really a complete unknown on the music scene. After his first demo, This Life, was put on soundcloud earlier this year there was a fair bit of hype surrounding him.

Hype after one track is a dangerous thing but Josef has just released Hustler and I think if anything it shows he can live up to the initial buzz.

So what does he sound like? Well the two songs on Josef’s soundcloud are really quite different but I’d say both songs are quite dark. Josef’s most recent track, Hustler, has simple piano parts and vocals but the use of layering makes the song sound complex, building up and dropping back to a simple piano part and vocals.

In reality though, the only way you’re going to know what his music is like is if you have a listen, so if you haven’t gone to his soundcloud yet then sort that out now. Check out his tracks and some of the great remixes on there too.

If you want to know more, find Josef on Facebook and Twitter.