THE LAST ARTIST OF THE WEEK 05/11/2012: Sara Moralo


WEEK  05/11/2012


Sara Moralo (1984) is a Spanish artist based in London, who mostly works with photography and video. In 2007 she graduated from her BA degree in Audiovisual Communication at Complutense University of Madrid, where she received the Scholarship of Excellent Academic Progress during two consecutive years. She is currently completing an MA in Fine Art Photography at the London College of Communication.

THE LAST ARTIST OF THE WEEK 05/11/2012: Sara MoraloPhotograph by Polo Villaseñor


Sara has exhibited her work in several solo and group shows in her homeland, Spain, and her latest work “At twelve s/he cut hir hair” will be on display at the MA Photography Final Exhibition, “A Forming State”, at the London College of Communication in November.

Because of her background in cinema and photography, Sara has worked as assistant director and creative consultant in the filming of the documentary “Born Naked” by Andrea Esteban. She has also been the videographer of the visuals for Olof Dreijer (member of The Knife) and Mar Ritt’s 2011 tour.


“At twelve s/he cut hir hair” intends to explore new possibilities of gender construction and the shaping of identities. Through the parallel use of childhood and current images of three female to male transgender subjects – Charlie, CN and Lysander –, the work aims to create a narrative that examines the concepts of masculinity and femininity, and the infinite liminal spaces between these two notions.

By exploring the gender identities of the subjects as processes of construction, this project seeks to portray the performativity and fluidity of gender; and it opens up wider ways of understanding gender beyond the binary concept of male and female.

WHEN AND WHERE You can see her work  at:

The London College of Communication Final Exhibition, A Forming State. Private View: Monday 19 November 2012, 16:00 to 21:00. Opening Times: 14-23 November 2012,10:00 to 18:00 London College of Communication.SE1 6SB