Transfer by Kevin Corrado

Kevin Corrado is a fine art photographer from Connecticut. For his latest project ‘Transfer’, he dips his hand in paint and places it in front of a landscape, creating interesting and beautiful visual lines. The project began as a playful idea of the ocean being a giant sea of blue paint rather than water. By subverting our pre-conceived ideas on nature, such as the blue sea, Corrado is making a playful comment on the intense connection between landscapes and colours. Corrado takes simple landscapes and simple ideas that were instilled in us during our elementary days -the sea is blue, yet the water isn’t even blue, it’s transparent…) and makes them complex, layered and textured. By doing so, he also explores his role as an artist and the choices he must make. He argues, for example, that ‘a painter is given the task to paint a tree, but that painter must choose to use green paint’. Corrado must, therefore, choose a colour, which is ironic since it is not something that a photographer (his medium of choice) would normally do.

The unique quality of Corrado’s work lies in its intricate mixture between surrealism and lyricism, embracing nature yet distorting it to make it eerie, beautiful. Corrado’s background is initially one of graphic design, so a lot of his work seems to hold on to qualities of design. He himself states that during his studies, one question that always came up was ‘why’?. ┬áNow that he has completed his design studies, he finds that his work constantly forces him to remain completely conscious over every decision he makes when creating art.

Kevin Corrado