Ruth Bewsey

Ruth Bewsey is possibly my favourite ever festival discovery. In the sunny summer of 2010, hanging around the eco-powered Greenhouse stage at 2000 Trees Festival near Cheltenham, I happened to catch her short but beautifully constructed set, the sweetness of which took my breath away. Since then, I’ve played her frequently on my specialist student folk show on Forge Radio, and have become quite the dedicated fan (although her southern base has kept me from seeing her live since).

On her Facebook page, Ruth describes her sound as “summerfolk”. If this isn’t already an official genre then I will certainly be starting a petition to make it into one, because it is the perfect way to describe Ruth’s music; her songs have a gentle and uplifting quality that wafts over you like a soothing August breeze, transporting you instantly to a tranquil summer evening or an afternoon’s lazy sunbathing in the park. Her voice is powerful yet soft, allowing her to captivate her audience with no more support than plucked riffs on an acoustic guitar.

Ruth has only been playing solo for a short time but has succeeded in building up a dedicated following, playing a verity of festivals and more intimate gigs. As well as this, she also has a burgeoning career as a vocalist for electro and dubstep producers, demonstrating her cross-genre vocal talents. She is signed to istartedthefire records and word on the street is that she’ll be releasing a solo studio album sometime in the near future, as well as joining some of her label mates on tour.

To find out more about Ruth Bewsey, visit her Facebook page, or check her out on Soundcloud.

– Georgie