Leon Eckert

Munich born Photographer Leon Eckert is studying design at Goldsmiths College London, a place where thought and intention is exalted over simple cosmetic. At sea on the east coast of Spain one moment, witnessing riots with fire bombers the next, wherever or whatever Leon always has his trusty camera on hand ready to capture. He has travelled through China, worked in advertising production in Barcelona, flown into Tokyo and strolled the harbour of Hong Kong to name but a few; It’s this awareness, an understanding of the culture he has experienced, that permeates the very purpose of his work. Leon believes that every time he puts his finger down to press the shutter, he is advancing his “eye” for imagery, whilst fulfilling his need to document his endeavours.

For one of his enquiries, Leon explored the notion of public transportation, questioning the experience gained in return for the price of a ticket. In this instance a day ticket was purchased, which enables the purchaser to a full 24 hours of transport, yet rarely is this ever fully exploited. Riding 60 different buses continuously over 1460 minutes, Leon nearing exhaustion managed to capture a couple embracing in front of the bus during the latter of his journey. This couples stolen moment of affection suddenly becomes a public event, much like the transport itself.

Leon’s photographs are determinedly direct; a gritty state that comes from examining the root of a situation. They’re hearty intention is tied with a vastness and stillness that becomes vibrant in its celebration. The focus on the events impact over their visual state is beauteous in design and admirable in content. Leon’s work emphasises the relevance of communal experience in the advent of social media living.


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Iossie Ng Lei

Based at the heart of the sunny city, Iossie Ng le is a young and promising graphic designer. Studying at the University of Brighton, she is surrounded by a buzz of creativity and culture. As a visual communicator, Iossie has a pivotal role to play in the world of graphic design, a market where art meets functionality. Iossie not only has flair for editorial design and branding but an affection for illustration and painting. Her dedication to her craft takes her from a foundation at the UCA to an exchange in America this September. This goes some way to achieving her goal of reading reality, being able to represent and actually complete it.

Iossie’s catalogue of work is full of sleek designs and beautiful fonts. Elevating what you might consider informative graphics into clean and imaginative visuals. They are clever as they are witty, with a take on minimalism that has a lot to say for itself. Slick and hardy Iossie’s images radiate the vogue of today’s media. She exploits the language of the public service and information for the purposes of irony. The combination of random dolls and animals create a part fantasy feel, which is diluted by matter-of-fact information. It is this overlapping, building up of images that leads to a slightly off center destination. Keeping a strong emphasis on hierarchy of text, cool layouts, and use of her own tailored imagery. The act of analyzing a daily subject and making it a focus of her study is something that fascinates this young graphic designer. Iossie relies on a subject’s history, texture and symbolism to compose and process new ways of reasoning.

For Iossie’s Links – http://ingleiwork.tumblr.com/


The Vogue Festival 2013 Day One and Two.

Last weekend, I spent my time not in the usual way glued to it-girl instragram feeds and Catwalk Queen stalking my idols but instead BREATHING THE SAME AIR (That’s right, Cara Delevingne, Christopher Kane and Jonathan Saunders, our air was SHARED) as them at The Vogue Festival on Southbank. Perhaps by my tone already you may have gauged how enjoyable my experience was but in case you didn’t, here’s a little more about the fun I had..

As I approached sunny Southbank it was clear to see that the Vogue Festival followed a similar set up as London Fashion Week and clearly I hadn’t got the memo that the uniform this year was Burberry S/S13 brightly coloured metallic trenches. Entering the building, I had never seen so much Vogue branding in such a small space, a Vogue cover shoot took centre stage as dotted around the edges were the ‘Vogue Cafe’ and ‘Vogue Shop’. I immediately felt at home as this Vogue village seemed to cover all of life’s necessities which made me feel as if I could just make a little nest in the corner and be happy for evermore. As I took my seat in the Queen Elizabeth Hall, I spotted a stereotypical, front row photographer complete with designer beard, beret and old school flash bulb camera. Along from him sat three young guys, all complimenting each other with bright pastel locks head-to-toe in this season’s Balenciaga finished with heavy gold chains and flatforms. To the left of me sat Susie Bubble, brightly coloured and ready to inspire.

My talk of the Saturday was Natalie Massenet, fashion mother of the iconic Net-A-Porter. Massenet was kindly introduced by Vogue Editor Alexandra Shulman and then stepped to the platform herself looking slight and delicate in a figure-hugging Victoria Beckham dress. Immedietly she pointed out how she liked to do things differently, proven with the success of Net-A-Porter as she presented herself in a instragram-format, introducing us to her journey to the top via Nat-A-Porter. If you were unlucky enough to miss out, you can catch up on her whole journey here. Natalie made herself an open book as she told us tales about teenage trips to Tokyo, sharing carpools with Lenny Kravitz and signing Tyra Banks and Angelina Jolie for their first modelling jobs. All these eclectic anecdotes came together to the birth of Net-A-Porter, beginning in a little office in Chelsea and expanding to a beautiful empire in Shepherd’s Bush’s Westfield.

Sunday brought the enchanting Victoria Beckham. This time, unlike Natalie Massenet, Victoria was grilled under a interview format by Alexandra Shulman asking questions on fashion, family and travel. It was clear there were many Victoria worshippers in the crowd and to make it all that bit more juicy, young Brooklyn wiggled his way in front row for even more Beckham excitement. Victoria taught such life long lessons that can be applied, not only in fashion but in life as well as ‘women should really support other women’ and in order to achieve what we want we must visualise it first. She backed this particular concept up with A-List conversations she’d shared with Mr Beckham himself and Gordon Ramsay, over how they succeed in visualisation from footballs to food, whatever it may be. Although Victoria seemed to be quite careful and controlled with what she said, it was clear she had a cheeky edge when describing those who weren’t quite convinced about her starting out in fashion; “There were a lot of raised eyebrows, from those that could raise their eyebrows.” As for the Victoria Beckham business, the company have just launched their first e-commerce site and Victoria admitted to wanting to open a store in London soon.

Other stylish speakers on the weekend included the likes of: Mario Testino, Alexa Chung, Cara Delevingne, Anna Dello Russo, Susie Bubble, J.W. Anderson, Christopher Kane, Mary Katranzou, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Donatella Versace and many more.

The best part of all? I got to be amongst the greats and the legends of this industry at a really accessible price. Tickets for the Vogue Festival retail at around £30-£40 and as much as you fancy that Topshop sweater or those cute point toe pumps from Zara, actually, last time I checked £40 wasn’t so bad for a invaluable advice that will stay with you for a long time. With such a successful second year, there is no doubt that The Vogue Festival will be here to stay and fly around with full gusto come 2014 and I can simply not suggest any experience more rewarding for a budding fashionista.

For more details from street style to those all important quotes, have a peep at the Vogue Festival in all it’s glory here or perhaps wander those pretty eyes over the highlights above..

See you in April 2014 ladies and gents.

[All Images taken from Vogue’s Official Facebook Page.]