Our Nation’s Sons Street Art Project

You may have noticed large drawings of teenagers appear on the walls of Edinburgh and it’s all down to Joe Caslin – a recent graduate from Edinburgh College of Art. His project ‘Our Nation’s Sons’ sees drawings of teenagers appearing all over Edinburgh as a way to reestablish young mens participation within society, discussing and questioning the place and preconceptions of young men in society. The huge drawings – some at 40 ft high – have attracted the attention of Edinburgh’s cityfolk to stop and stare.

The project is supported by the Lothian and Borders Police neighbourhood team and Edinburgh City Council’s city centre neighbourhood partnership.

Young men from local high schools helped install the artworks – making their mark on Edinburgh.

To find out more about the project and Joe visit his website

Geo Law

After writing about Yasmina Vulgarity a while back, I happened upon the Hantu Collective by her association to them. It’s is becoming apparent as I’m learning more about Sheffield arts scene that the relationships within the city are all very incestuous with groups working as satellites of each other (the Artificial Constructs collective is a case in point).

An instance of this collaboration will be the Gully Xmas Market on the weekend of the 8th of December. Some of West Yorkshire’s finest – including Yasmina and Hantu – will have wares on display in time for the festive season.

Which brings me summarily to Geo Law who works as the Creative Director of the Hantu Collective. Geo manifests vibrant and spirited creations which draw influences from anime, graphic novels and psychedelic art. Despite the precision and accuracy of his work Geo draws mostly by freehand as this emphasises an “organic” aspect to his art.

After his work made a splash in Sheffield after finishing a Graphic Design placement at Evocreative in Prague, Geo Law was commissioned to complete various murals and bespoke work in the city. Clients have also ranged from Rolo Tomassi to Sheffield’s Millenium Gallery.

Hantu is primarily a fashion label and “is all about letting images do the talking and having your imagination on your sleeve.”

Geo Law


Ben Levy: The New Kind Of Portrait Artist

Ben Levy is a portrait artist from North London. His work is detailed portraiture with a modern street art twist. His last exhibition Fashionable Disaster conveyed everyday issues that have become fashionable through the press. He captured racial, political, sexual & suicidal topics in a comic like scenario. Famous faces include: John Galliano, the Kray twins, Alexander McQueen & Amy Winehouse.

I met Ben at The Other Art Fair on the Southbank in 2011, he’s gone on to create work for the brand TOMS during the fair and customising some of their new eyewear range for an auction in collaboration with the Debut Contemporary Art School Awards 2012. He’s previously exhibited at the Strand Gallery in London. He is currently represented by Debut Contemporary Gallery in Notting Hill.

See his website and contact him here

Rag and Bone Collective: Art not as you know it.

The Rag and Bone Collective are a new breed of creatives from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Run by two friends, Lucas Jubb and Damon Stead, Rag and Bone has taken the town by storm in it’s short lifetime. Constantly exploring and creating, Rag and Bone has become a base for street art, live events, fashion, music, film, and the list goes on. What don’t they do? Well so far their creativity seems to know no bounds. I was eager to chat to the lads and find out what’s next for Rag and Bone, and here’s how I got on…


Can you tell me a little bit about yourself, and your work? 

-We are Rag and Bone Collective


You’ve pushed yourselves with a number of challenging projects in the past, what project/artwork has been the most challenging and why?

– The hardest thing for us at the moment is always funding and finances for the ideas we have. We also don’t have transport so it can be hard 6ft by 8ft drawing boards from place to place for projects. We don’t seem to struggle coming up with ideas, it’s just making them happen that’s hardest.

How do you find time to balance working for the Rag and Bone Collective, with finishing your degree? 

– We are currently on a gap year so all of our of time is currently spent working on Rag and Bone. However, whilst we were at uni we spent all of our spare time away from the course working on it.

You’ve collaborated with other creatives/stores in the past. If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

– Dead – Keith Haring. He was way ahead of this time, and still very successful with that he did. Alive –

Gola’s campaign is called ‘Born in Britain’. Who or what in British culture today, inspires you in your creative work?

– There are a lot of independent clothing companies we’d like to work with. We like people who put hard work in and be original. It’s very easier for independent clothing companies to copycat some of the big American labels now, so would good to work with a British company who stick to their heritage.

You’ve experimented with many different disciplines throughout your time at Rag and Bone what creative field would you most hope to work in, in the future?

– We plan on having a recognizable series of live art event that we could possibly take around the country. We also plan on launching a clothing label.

Is there any advice you could give for other creative students looking to start their own collectives or businesses?

– Just spend as much time on it as you can. Be creative as often as possible.

What future projects has Rag and Bone got up its sleeve for our readers to keep an eye out for?

– We are about to launch a clothing range and also our own monthly live art night.

Finally, anything else you’d like to say to our readers? 

– Tuna is well over priced. Even when it’s half price it’s still like £1 a can. However to be fair in like three years time they do say that the Bluefin tuna will be extinct. So in all fairness you should probably try eating some form of different fish.


Like what you’re reading? Then head over to the Rag and Bone Facebook page or their Website where you can be the first to know of any news, releases and upcoming projects. With a clothing range ready to launch, and other projects in the pipeline, I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of these guys.

Well I hope you enjoyed that, I certainly did. If you’ve got any questions for Lucas and Damon then you can reach them here or via the Rag and Bone Facebook page.

Speak to you soon!