The Killers first demonstrated what a modern indie band could do with synths and a decent electronic setup; now it seems that Discopolis have fine-tuned that art-forn with their intricate song-craft.

Hailing from Edinburgh, the four-piece started out circa 2010 with an encouraging number of articles, high-profile gigs and radio sessions under their belt. Their rise to popularity occurred in a rather round-and-about way however with their first record being released in Japan. Discopolis is simply one of those bands who, because of the right Chinese whispers and local trends giving them the nod, found success in a place other than home.

A couple of storming video releases have been rectifying this problem though. ‘Falling (Committed to Sparkle Motion)’ treads the line between the pop emotionalism of acts like Owl City by retaining a detached indie sensibility. Soaring synths in the chorus accompany downbeat interludes to create a deeply melodic piece with enough heft to roll the beat on.A reference to Donnie Darko in the title does not hurt either!