Guitar/Drums ensembles are nothing new these days as an intimidating lineage of duos have redefined what is possible with only two instruments.

Dead From Above 1979, No Age, Japandroids, Lighting Bolt, The Black Eyes, The Dodos; these bands have drained the well of creativity, championing polyrhythmic technique over layered instrumentation.

Once criticism leveled at these bands is their excess of sound and distortion, almost as if to say that they try to compensate for the ‘lack’ in the music by turning it up a few more notches like an instrumental representation of the Napoleon complex.

Whether the predilection towards ‘maximalism’ is a critical point or not, the brash, ‘rhythm&fuzz’ vibe that these bands effuse is raucous and exciting one to hear.

I Wanna Break You In Half  by Drenge

Drenge, a Sheffield-based two-piece composed of brothers Eoin and Rory Loveless, follows in this lineage and their latest release I Wanna Break You in Half, with its punchy breakbeats thrashy riffs, chugs relentlessly through an unruly two minutes savage playing.

In a live setting, the band truly is something. They tore through their Tramlines set at The Great Gatsby in Sheffield and established themselves as a one to watch! Catch their band at a few select shows in England in the near future.