Tom Scott

I’ve gone and got myself a new favourite acoustic musician again – I know, I know, it keeps happening, doesn’t it? I promise you, though, it’s always completely justifiable, and this time especially.

Tom Scott is a singer song-writer hailing from Yorkshire and based in Sheffield.  Currently unsigned, he is already building a name for himself on the Sheffield live and acoustic circuit, gigging at numerous venues across the city and making his music free to download via his Soundcloud (on the proviso that you share it round, of course). He has also recently made his way into the final sixteen acts for Kerrang Radio’s Unsigned Lounge competition, and given that there were over two hundred applications, this is no little achievement.

Though Tom describes himself as “an acoustic musician still finding his feet”, the delicate chords that match perfectly with poetic lyrics and a soft, lilting vocal, means he stands with the likes of James Vincent McMorrow and Benjamin Francis Leftwich in his ability to leave the listener mellow, thoughtful and not a little goosepimply. With the positive recognition he is receiving, a growing fan-base and an undeniable talent, Tom is certainly and deservedly set for great things.

For more information about Tom’s music or where you can catch him live, check out his Facebook page, or follow him on Twitter @tomscottmusicuk.

Screaming Maldini

The best phrase I can think of to describe Screaming Maldini would be “sonic explosion”, because that’s what it feels like when you listen to them: an explosion of pop, with soaring five-part harmonies and an epic musicality bursting in at you from all sides which you absolutely have to fall in love with.  Inventive, enticing, intelligent and, above all, stand-out awesome, surely it cannot be long before this band take over the world.

Based in Sheffield, Screaming Maldini have been making their eccentric and endearing quirk-pop (that’s their chosen genre-word, folks) since 2009. Comprising of six phenomenally talented musicians, who between them demonstrate stunning proficiency in strings, glock, guitar, drums, percussion, bass and piano, their passion, enthusiasm and commitment to musical individuality (not to mention their incredible songs) has seen their popularity grow and grow, in Sheffield, Britain and beyond.

After two critically-acclaimed EPs, the band released their first (eponymous) album on Alcopop in Autumn of this year, to glowing praise. “Life in Glorious Stereo”, the first single to be taken from it, has been received a similarly rapturous response from the music press, with the Guardian commending their “beautiful yet hyper over-the-top melodies” and 6Music’s Tom Robinson simply describing them as “WOW!”

It only takes one quick scroll down the Screaming Maldini Facebook page to see that they are going to serious places. Every day there is news of the latest accolade. Just the other day, they posted that Matt Berry has offered up a remix of their next single “Summer, Somewhere”, released October 15th. Yes, Matt Berry, the very same Matt Berry that plays Douglas Reynolm in the IT Crowd. I know! If Dr Lucian Sanchez off’ve Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace remixing your tunes isn’t a sign that you’ve made it, then I don’t know what is.

To find out more about Screaming Maldini, visit their website. Oh, and so convinced am I that this band will continue their rise to musical greatness that, should they not, I solemnly swear I will eat my blogger’s keyboard. And that’s a promise.

– Georgie

(Feature Image Photography by Paul Cantrell)