Isa Afren

Out of four ‘fashion week cities’ (New York, London, Paris, Milan), London really is the place for emerging talents, fresh designs and the youthfulness. While it makes my job a lot easier sometimes (so many genius young designers to write about!), it is also extremely difficult to pick the collections that stand out the most.  This time however, it was a quick decision; as soon as I saw the designs of London-based womenswear brand Isa Afren I was sold. And in love.

Isa Afren is a brainchild of Serafina Sama – this Central Saint Martins graduate worked for such big names as Louis Vuitton, Chloe or Acne before deciding on coming back to London and setting up her own brand. Growing up in Ravenna, Italy, Serafina was surrounded by strong female figures and considers their individual and eccentric styles as a main source of inspiration for Isa Afren’s designs. Founded in late 2011, the brand mixes canons of Italian style with British quirkiness while focusing on beauty and wearability of garments. As Serafina says:

“To me fashion is about desire, beauty and fun. It’s not about dressing up in a costume. Isa Arfen is about a real woman dressing for her real life and really enjoying it.”

Being extremely easy to wear, Serafina’s designs are also innovative and eye-catching thanks to her great attention to colours and fabrics. If you don’t think bubblegum pink, emerald green and stiff satin may work together, you will be surprised by the outcome!  Having a touch of Chloe (where Searfina worked as a design assistant) aesthetics, Isa Afren collections are not boring while being classy and wearable.

In London, you can find Isa Afren in the Opening Ceremony Covent Garden store (35 King Street, WC2E 8JG). To find out more about Serafina and her brand, go to her website.