Sarah Dimech

Sarah Dimech is an artist based out of London. She has recently graduated from the London College of Communication with a BA in Graphic and Media Design with a pathway in illustration.

Sarah’s work predominately revolves around found imagery and objects. The artist takes inspiration from these artifacts, using their narrative to intersect her own. In working with found imagery, the artist enjoys the physicality of them, using them as a process of engagement with objects and images that hold memory. Sarah believes in the ancient Indian idea that everything already exists, thus we cannot create or invent, but only rediscover. In following this belief, the artist uses found objects and imagery in a new context, playing with the meaning and tapping into the emotional resonances such objects evoke.

Sarah’s sketchbook is a great representation of how these ideas make way into her practice. The work is completely transformed and reconfigured – Shapes taking the forms of what once were portraits of people, precise patterns contributing to these portraits – Sarah recreates each found image as her own.

To check out more of Sarah’s work, visit her website here –¬†