Saint Raymond

Nottingham seems to be turning out artists by the dozen at the moment. A year ago we were introduced to the phenomenal Jake Bugg and in 2013, there appears to be a new contender for the most exciting up and coming act in Nottingham: Saint Raymond.

Saint Raymond creates the kind of music that you have probably been waiting for this summer. Music that makes you want to relax in your garden with a BBQ and some friends. Personally, I’ve been waiting to find music like this since early spring…it’s chilled out, and it’s also really, really good.

Saint Raymond’s musical taste ranges from House music, to Oasis, to Folk and those genres have encouraged him to create his own music. He started playing guitar at the age of seven, only taking it seriously a few years ago. Since then, Saint Raymond has started to write his own music and has gained the attention of many listeners. Fall At Your Feet, a summery and enjoyable track is a song that Saint Ramondis particularly proud of. He felt as though it ‘just clicked and felt right’. As a listener, it can be agreed that the song is certainly an excellent one and has earned him over 30,000 views on YouTube!

So far Saint Raymond’s biggest achievement has been releasing his EP Escapade and selling out a Nottingham show. It appears as though his work is finally gaining the recognition it deserves, and the release of his first album will be a dream come true to him.
So for now enjoy Saint Raymond’s EP and hopefully one day we will see him achieving his dream of playing the main stage at Glastonbury!

If you fancy giving Saint Raymond a watch, his tour dates are here, or why not check out his Youtube or Twitter?