Will Sweeney

There are fewer greater places to discover illustrative talent then at a celebrated institution like the Design Museum in London: it was there, during Vestige’s technology-based event, that I discovered the eclectic work of artist Will Sweeney. Treading somewhere between the mainstream and the obscure, Sweeney’s work nevertheless captures the popular imagination with elaborate drawings and renderings of fantastical alien landscapes and hybrid creatures – something Japanese, something 60’s inspired, something that entices and arrests your senses.

Some of Will Sweeney’s most commercially successful work includes his music videos for Birdy Nam Nam and his comic Tales from Greenfuzz. Watching Birdy Nam Nam’s music video The Parachute Ending is like taking a short acid trip: the colour positively pops in a psychedelic tableau of Iron Maiden-esque statues, flickering sci-fi screens and symbiotic plants in what Sweeney calls a “meat versus vegetables” kind of story.

Another of his works, Purposemaker, is a stunning pencil work of such detailed precision it likens itself as a futuristic interpretation of famed Flemish painter Pieter Bruegel’s Dulle Griet. A diorama of surreal characters juxtaposed on a flattened landscape, both works seem to reference allegorical interpretations of life and death – in times and places both real and imaginary.

Illustration, prints, comics, videos, toys, clothing and even exhibitions: the prolific artist has extended his incredible style to incorporate all aspects of commercial design and co-runs his London-based outlet Alakazam with Ayako Terashima. For more information or to see more of Sweeney’s portfolio, check out his biography on Big Active.

Geo Law

After writing about Yasmina Vulgarity a while back, I happened upon the Hantu Collective by her association to them. It’s is becoming apparent as I’m learning more about Sheffield arts scene that the relationships within the city are all very incestuous with groups working as satellites of each other (the Artificial Constructs collective is a case in point).

An instance of this collaboration will be the Gully Xmas Market on the weekend of the 8th of December. Some of West Yorkshire’s finest – including Yasmina and Hantu – will have wares on display in time for the festive season.

Which brings me summarily to Geo Law who works as the Creative Director of the Hantu Collective. Geo manifests vibrant and spirited creations which draw influences from anime, graphic novels and psychedelic art. Despite the precision and accuracy of his work Geo draws mostly by freehand as this emphasises an “organic” aspect to his art.

After his work made a splash in Sheffield after finishing a Graphic Design placement at Evocreative in Prague, Geo Law was commissioned to complete various murals and bespoke work in the city. Clients have also ranged from Rolo Tomassi to Sheffield’s Millenium Gallery.

Hantu is primarily a fashion label and “is all about letting images do the talking and having your imagination on your sleeve.”

Geo Law