Storm Freerun and Visive Productions

Recently, whilst visiting the Southbank, I’ve been noticing a lot of freerunners – mostly young men, who use the city’s architecture as a playground to perform incredible feats of gymnastics. It occurred to me that the showmanship of their sport would make for an excellent short film. However, as with most of my good ideas, somebody already thought of it. Step forward Visive productions and Storm Freerun.

Visive Productions are a production company based in Kent and Storm Freerun are a professional London Parkour team who are now regularly releasing footage of their skills through Visive. The featured video to the left; ‘Storm Freerun London Jam 2013’, is their most recent collaboration (at the time of writing) and is a compilation of London’s top Parkour spots and the people who practice their art there. This community of people have clearly spent many, many hours learning their skill, and this contributes to the attraction of their performance although, in itself, freerunning is mesmerising to watch. Storm have also released tutorial videos showing potential freerunners how to utilise different spaces and they even have their own brand of freerun apparel.

Visive Productions utilise montage, vastly different angles and slow-motion to best display the stunts being performed by the freerunners. Visive have shown a knack for portraying athletes, their previous videos include footage of gymnasts and cyclists, as well as freerunners, who are all filmed in a way that highlights the joy that the athletes are feeling rather than prioritising any competitive element of their sport. For a better idea of what Visive do or if you want to generally feel great about life follow this link:

For Visive’s official website click here: