Josh Hawkins

Josh Hawkins is an extremely talented 21 year old photographer & dance artist based in Leeds.

So tell me a bit about yourself…

I have spent the past 3 years training professionally at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance where I gained a first class honours degree and a place in VERVE, a postgraduate performance touring company.

Explain the concepts and values of your work…

I am currently dancing with VERVE touring the UK and internationally. Alongside my dancing, I am a keen self-taught photographer. I started photography in my teens and now I work focusing on fusing my passion for movement into my work as a photographer.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired most by people; the way they move and hold themselves as individuals. I take inspiration from my surroundings and the notion of improvisation, not planning and over thinking my art.

What’s your biggest achievement?

In 2013, I undertook a year long project, Project 365, where I took and uploaded an image every day of the year; to challenge myself, to grow, to learn new things and establish a strong aesthetic of my work that represents a part of me in my current stage of life.

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