Next Stop Atlanta!

Next Stop Atlanta formed in early 2010 and so far the Preston band have managed to maintain a successful spot on the local music scene.With a huge fan base and an exciting future ahead.

I was lucky enough to get them to answer some questions for Born in Britain…

What inspired you to come together?

We wanted to start a new band with fresh ideas and songs that we were proud of. What inspired us was seeing how far we could take the band.

When did the band form?

Just over two and a half years ago. Nik (guitar), Ant (drums) and Blake (bass) started writing together and asked Georgia (vocals) to audition. We were all good friends before the band started and now we are even closer.

Where did the name come from?

Its a reference to Georgia’s name. Atlanta… Georgia.

Who would you say influences your music the most?

Bands like The Buzzcocks, Jimmy Eat World and Pink Floyd. A bit of a variation never hurt anyone!

Whats the most inspiring and best gig youve played?

When we supported Status Quo in front of 8,000 people! It was surreal, but such a good experience.

Do you write all your own songs?

We most certainly do. Nik comes up with the main idea/riff/hook and then we all collaborate to make the song as creatively layered as possible.

From supporting Status Quo to creating amazingly catchy songs they’re sure to be the next big thing!

Check out their youtube channel and facebook.

Thanks for reading, Rebecca Roslyn