Nadine Carina

First impressions can be deceiving.

The first time I got listening to Nadine Carina she was toting an acoustic guitar, singing pretty but slightly twee songs about Magic Boxes and Gardens. They were pleasant, balancing their quirky edge with a youthful and humorous energy, but ultimately they failed to stay with me. Soon enough the name slipped from my mind.

Then I heard the ‘Little Bits’ EP, and all of a sudden the name carried with it a new meaning. As the Liverpool-based artist states herself the EP is a bit different to her previous work, and in my opinion it signals a marked musical-progression. The seven tracks that make up ‘Little Bits’ are a mixed-bag of tricks – ranging from more conventional song forms such as ‘Paradise’, to the reflective electronic ambience of soundscape ‘Samaya’ – but all of them serve to highlight a new-found freeness in songwriting and production technique that bodes well for the future.

For me, the standout track here has to be the collaboration ‘Storm/Calm’. Featuring producer Gated, the streamlined yet unpolished sound hints at what could be to come for Carina, calling to mind the likes of Coco Rosie at their most potent. It fades away with another of the textural samples that abound on this release, a recurring-element of the production I was especially fond of – be sure to listen out for that mewling cat!

This half-Italian, half-Croatian songstress is currently studying at LIPA, so i’m hoping it won’t be too long before we’re seeing her play some shows somewhere close-by and hearing some more new material.

‘Little Bits’ is available as a free download from Nadine Carina’s bandcamp. Be sure to give her a listen. And then another one.