Introducing..Ana Marquis.

Ana Marquis is a recent BA Graphic Design graduate from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design based out of London.

Despite obtaining a BA Degree in Graphic Design, Ana considers herself a multi-disciplinary artist, and is also interested in illustration and animation as well as graphic design. One of her more known techniques is through her use of collage and montage, creating surreal, dada-esque imagery.

For her most recently-noted series of work, Ana gained inspiration from her dissertation research, involving multiple forms of relationships between Man and Technology. Her work became her way of deciphering all of this information needed for her dissertation, allowing her to understand these concepts more in depth. Questions such as, “How did technology come to change the way we act, think, touch, see, feel, and live?”, “How did it disconnect us from our ‘natural’ senses and natural surroundings?”, “How did it bring us a brand new technological world where we can have a disembodied existence, where we can connect with other cyber beings from all around the corners of the world?” – She answered these complex questions through her artwork.

To find out more about Ana’s work, feel free to visit her Website, here. 

– Killian

(All imagery courtesy of Ana Marquis)