Loud George

Loud George is a punk band comprising of members, Sam, Eric and Nick that originated in Crewe in 2012. It all started when Sam and Nick started to talk about making a band that they wanted to sound ‘loud’ and ‘angry’. They remembered that their friend Eric had recently mentioned doing something similar and asked him to join them. Then they got together and spent four hours making music, a feat that continued for four days straight. The final ingredient – the name ‘Loud George’ came into being after Sam’s girlfriend muttered the phrase while sleeping.

Loud George create a kind of music that has started to fade away, and it’s fantastic to see something coming up on the punk scene. The band describe themselves as being ‘all about the live performance’ with their energetic drumming, hard knuckle bass and big, filthy guitar sound. They enjoy compromising their singing between soft and intimate moments to harsh screams.

The difference between the boy’s singing abilities means that their music is an interesting mix between, punk, jazz and funk fusion. Causing for an excellent live show.

Loud George are now about to do their first tour through the UK, playing dates in Crewe, Manchester, Stockport, Birmingham and even Bristol. Futhermore, they are giving away their second EP for free at every gig, meaning that audiences can bring the music home with them.

The punk scene seems to have faded away in the last few years, and it’s exciting to see a band that are dedicated to resurrecting it.