John Kilburn

Bristol Born John Kilburn’s  enthusiasm for illustration goes back to the early years, his first go at illustrating a book during primary school, where he produced the masterly “Ossie and the Boogy Boogy Boo” for a project about Australia.

John graduated from Falmouth University with a distinction in Authorial Illustration in 2012, and since then has been making his mark on the “small but burgeoning scene of artists in Falmouth and Cornwall” with illustrations in many different forms, from paintings and comics to pop up books and coffee packets. His strikingly detailed pencil art and bright colours create somewhat of a signature style, but all of his works possess their own unique character whatever the medium.

What strikes me about John in comparison to other artists of his demographic is his involvement in the community at large. He runs a small art space in Falmouth with other graduates and works closely with the Cornwall-based Atlantic Press; which works to publish first time works of authorial illustration. He also takes part in various life illustration and comic events around the country – keeping an active role in the artistic community.

John Kilburn has made an impact nationally and locally with his work, and with his art space just kicking off, and the final project for his masters, The Golden Plaice (which happens to be an illustrated book about a clever prawn searching for said ‘plaice’) is being shipped off to the USA as part of the Yale Center for British Art collection.” I find it hard to say no to anything” he says “I always look to push myself in new directions and unfamiliar places.”

 Visit to feast your eyes on his work.