Maiko Takeda

London-based artist Maiko Takeda’s work focuses on fashion jewelry, where she explores themes such as logic, geometry and space form eerie, enchanting pieces. Takeda grew up in Tokyo, where her fascination with timeless products emerged. Growing in a post-boom Japan, her inspirations are diverse and she learnt to cultivate her senses outside of fashion and pop culture, finding values in the smallest and most random of things. After moving to London, she studies a BA(hons) in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

One of her recent projects ‘Atmospheric Reentry’ was completed within the Royal College of Art London, where she is currently studying a Masters in Millinery. The head pieces are gorgeous installations made of clear film, perspex and silver, whereby she arranges them in sharp, colourful accessories. In Takeda’s work, simple things such as headbands and shapes become complex structure that marry the human body perfectly in an open, minimalistic form. The experience of wonder and bewilderment is rendered especially acute with the juxtaposition of various elements such as precision,  and rigid shapes that turn soft and malleable. Takeda’s work heavily focuses on environmental influences such as shadows, wind and gravity, inviting the audience to re-think its expectations when it comes to jewelry design.

The head pieces from ‘Atmospheric Reentry’ are light yet sharp, reminiscent of a protection helmet. Although seemingly malleable by the elements, their embedment within the human body gives them a new life. Her project is a rare piece of art that combines aesthetics and form.


H&H Nails

H&H Nails is a London-based collective between makeup artist Holly Silius and jewelry designer Hannah Warner. The friendly pair came up with the idea together, through Hannah’s knowledge of metals and how to work with making jewelry, to Holly’s knowledge of bold, theatrical makeup and how to size products for the body. After combining their skills and expertise in their industries, respectively, H&H Nails was born.

They’ve created quite the innovative product – Creating a re-usable manicure that also doubles as jewelry for your fingernails. Their bold designs, ranging from spikes to spiders, skulls to snakes, leaves to roses – Come in a variety of colours (gold, rose gold, silver, bronze) as well. If you’re willing to pay, they’ll even customise a pair with multi-coloured stones for you.

Their bold innovation has brought on a huge buzz within the fashion industry, from debuting on the catwalk for AW ’12/13 for Thierry Mugler, to catching the attention of high-profiles such as Rihanna and Beth Ditto, who wear the accessories.

This pair have gotten a lot of press lately, so be on the lookout for them! If you’re interested in their products, visit their website –  – for designs, sizes, and pricing.


– Killian


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