Introducing emerging artists: Federica Landi




Federica Landi is a young Italian artist working mainly in photography. In 2009 she graduated at the Academy of Fine Art of Florence and she recently finished a Master in fine art photography at London College of Communication.
Federica’s approach to photography ranges from experimental methods such as polaroid transfer, silver emulsion on wood, physical intervention on negatives, to digital photography. Her recent works investigate the ambiguous and sensuous relationship between spirituality and natural human decay.


Besides participating in several group shows in Europe, USA and Uk, her work has been published by the online PhotoVogue Italy, and on-line magazines such as F-STOP and DUST. She is currently working as freelance curator and organizer of fine art exhibitions for the photographic agency Millennium Images.
Federica is also part of the art collective The Imaginary Beings, where she regularly collaborate and exhibit around Europe.


In the project Res Extensa she explores the connections between the body and the space through traces of rituals, weather they are religious or simple and intimate daily actions. According to the philosopher Merleau-Ponty, both the surface of our body and the textures of the objects that surround us are part of a same ‘extended flesh’, where all the elements intertwine and remind each other.

The focus is here on the physical and cultural correspondences between body and space. The bodily quality of the religious space, as place constantly marked by bodies that perform and repeat rituals over and over again echoes the spatial quality of our skin, a surface that ‘records’ the signs of our daily rituals such waking up, making love, undressing, praying, etc…

Rituality’ within Res Extensa is understood as a specific sign and quality of time; a circular time which manifests itself through repetitive actions and concerns itself with the perishable fragmentary natures which connect the body and space.
The photo camera freezes and magnifies these ephemeral marks, showing how both the body and the space work as the others canvas.

Ferderica Landi MAP 12