Aliyah Hussain

Aliyah Hussain graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with first class honors in Interactive Arts.In 2009 she received the Google Photography Award, exhibiting at the Saatchi Gallery in London. Her projects include costume designs, video installations and cross discipline collaborations. She confidently works between the fields of printmaking, performance and photography to name a few. She blends together traditional and contemporary, everyday objects and imaginary visions.

Gouache painted on top of a photograph represent a successful combination of opposite mediums in an artwork. Painted geometrical forms create distorted perspective, where figures become almost architectural models, transforming landscape captured in the photograph into an artificial scenery.

Her works merge intricate detailing with free painterly approach. She creates vibrant and elegant drawings of imagined flying machines, kites and satellites, or a flattened out carousel. Aliyah finds aesthetics in technology, converting technical drawings into visions of futuristic machines.

Collaboration is also a big part of her work. She is a member of the collective Volkov Commanders, “a group of artists who devised a unified alter ego to create collaborative sculptural and performance works that explore the boundaries between visual art, dance and costume.”

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