Ines Neto Dos Santos

Ines Neto Dos Santos is an artist based out of London. She has recently graduated from the BA Graphic and Media Design course with a pathway in illustration from the London College of Communication.

Ines’ work focuses deeply on physical spaces and her relationship to them – In doing so, her practice becomes a type of therapy for the artist, guiding and paving the way for her work. Despite studying a pathway into illustration on her course, Ines’ work takes other methods into her practice, as well, be they photography, video, painting, or sewing. She doesn’t allow her practice to dictate her work, but rather, her work to dictate her practice – There are no filters or rules to her work.

In her ‘Space // Movement’ series/book, the artist spent a year with four London-based dancers who collaborated with her to create this project. The artist explains that, “Space // Movement has been an almost year-long project, aiming to explore 3-D negative and positive space through movement and the body. A collaboration with four London-based dancers, Anna-Lise Marie Hearn, Kathy Richardson, Lizzie J Klotz and Yasmin Sas. The four dancers have a very particular space-body awareness, thus working with them to understand these abstract, impalpable notions was fundamental for the project. Throughout it, there was an incessant search for the physical representation of movement – through mark-making, rather than film or photography. By using drawing materials attached to their bodies, the dancers produce an image – a drawing of movement, evidence of a moment in time.”


To check out more of Ines’ work, visit her website here –

– Killian