Katy Anderson

Katy Anderson graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with BA Drawing and Painting, receiving Andrew Grant Bequest for First Year Studies in 2009. Her recent exhibitions include solo show at The Blackbird and RSA Contemporaries 2013.

Katy’s inspiration lies in fashion and visual aesthetics. She looks at designers as artists, combining fashion research with the observations of processes found in nature. Her practice revolves around the latest designer collections and cellular forms of nature, proving that anything can be used as a material for inspiration and food for thought. The parallel between fashion and patterns of disease cells offers ambiguous interpretations of her artworks, which makes it even more challenging and interesting for the viewer. Katy demonstrates a successful approach of exploiting every form of nature as a source for contemporary art.

Her portfolio is an engaging exploration of Individuality vs Conformity. She works with the body silhouette, using different colors and patterns, emphasizing the importance of being different and unique. Katy expresses her perspective on the world of fashion. Transforming recognizable shapes and fashion forms into unfamiliar abstract combinations, she creates almost hypnotizing works.

To find out more, visit her website www.katy-anderson.com